Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy – Chapter 466

Natasha scoffed and tilted her head away, her eyes full of contempt. “What a waste of good soup! “

Alice sighed and grabbed Natasha’s hand. “Mom, please don’t say things like this. The whole reason why Luna is in the hospital right now is because of work. She put in too much effort into work and overexerted herself, so making her soup is the least I can do.”

With that, she shot Luna a disdainful glance. “Am I right, Luna?“ Luna bit down on her lip but did not say a word. She felt like someone churned her heart with a knife.
She finally got to taste her mother’s cooking but could not display her delight for fear of exposing herself.

Her birth mother stood right before her. However, not only did she ignore her, but she was also showing her affection toward someone else—an imposter.

Alice caught sight of the anguish in Luna’s eyes and smirked. She had planned all that on purpose.

Alice had visited Natasha in the morning and found out that Luna Gibson loved drinking Natasha’s soup whenever she was sick. Therefore, Alice convinced Natasha to make the soup and brought her parents along to visit Luna.

She wanted to make Luna miserable. She longed to see the agony in Luna’s face when she realized she had no one to turn to.

Since Luna had destroyed her home and landed her father in prison, Alice was determined to let Luna have a taste of her own medicine. She wanted Luna to feel the same pain she went through.

Not only that, but Alice planned to turn Natasha and Joseph, Luna’s birth parents, against her!

The worst suffering a person could feel was the pain of having their loved ones turn against them.

Alice wanted Luna to realize that she should not have returned to Banyan City in the first place. Since she had given up being Luna Gibson, she should not have returned!

As soon as she thought of that, Alice could not help but smirked. “Luna, do you have anything you want to eat? I can make

you some food. Although I’m not a good cook, my mom can help.” She gently held Natasha’s hand in hers before adding, “Isn’t that right, Mom?“

Natasha smiled at Alice fondly, then shot Luna a cold glare. “I’ll be glad to teach you how to cook, but I think it’s a waste for her to be eating this… She doesn’t deserve it!”

Joseph nodded in agreement. “That’s right. Alice, you’re too kind. This woman started out as a maid at Blue Bay Villa, then went to work at Lynch Group. Everyone knows what she’s after! Only you would still want to be friends with her, despite knowing what her true motives are…“

Joshua could not help but frown when he heard that.
He glanced at Luna, who was still holding the unfinished soup, and said, Finish it quick.”

Luna sniffed, lowered her head, and continued drinking the rest of her soup. Beads of tears fell into the bowl, and Luna could taste the saltiness of her tears mixed into her soup.

Fortunately, no one paid attention to her at all, apart from Joshua. Therefore, no one noticed she had cried.

After Luna finished the soup, she grabbed a piece of tissue and wiped her tears away as she pretended to be dabbing some sweat on her face.

Meanwhile, Joshua gracefully picked the bowl up and placed it back inside the food container. He handed the container over to Alice and said, “Thank you for coining. !’m sure Luna appreciates it. She’s finished the soup, and I think you all should go home now. She needs to rest.”

Alice glanced at him. “Joshua, aren’t you coining home with us? It’s already noon. Shall we bring my parents out for a good meal?”

Joshua noticed that Luna was still surreptitiously wiping away her tears and smiled at Alice. “Maybe next time. Your parents are going to be staying in Banyan City for a while, aren’t they? There’s always next time. I have some work stuff that I need to go over with Luna, so you guys should go get lunch without me.”

Alice pursed her lips in indignation. Then, after she tried to convince Joshua to no avail, she finally left along with Natasha and Joseph.

As scon as the three of them left , Joshua closed the door and strode over to Luna. He handed the box of tissues on the table over to her and said, “What’s wrong? Why are you so upset by what they said? It’s not like their opinions matter anyway.”

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