Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy – Chapter 472

“Do you have any idea what they’ve been doing abroad?”

Adrian frowned and picked up the photos from the table. He recognized the men in the pictures—they were the bodyguards that he had asked Joshua for. However…

“lm not sure.“ Adrian put the photos down. “ According to my understanding, since you’ve assigned these men over to me, I should have the final say over what I do with them.“ He shifted into a more comfortable position, leaned back against his seat, and stared at Joshua coldly. “My friend needed some help, so I sent your men to help him. What’s the problem with that?“

Joshua poured himself a glass of wine and gently swirled the glass. There was an air of aloofness and pomposity about him.
“Which friend of yours?

Dennis Walter?”

Adrian glowered at him but did not respond.

“It appears my guess is right. “ Joshua sneered. “Let me ask you this, Master Lynch. Do you know why Dennis needed these men?*

Adrian paused and lifted his head to stare at Joshua.

Joshua gracefully tipped the wine glass over and took a small sip. “He sent them to protect Aura.“

Adrian furrowed his brows. Although he did not understand why Dennis wanted to guard Aura, he

still snickered. “Isn’t Aura your ex-fiancée? What’s wrong with him protecting her, then?”

“Master Lynch, you have no idea what’s been happening in your family, have you? If you had tried harder, you probably would’ve found out the reason why Aura was sent abroad and forbidden from returning. ” Joshua set down the wine glass with a clink. He continued with a stony expression, “Dad, you claim to love and care about Neil and Nellie very much, but do you know that Aura almost killed them in the past?”

Adrian’s expression fell as soon as he heard that. He genuinely had no idea any of that happened.
“Then…” Adrian shot Joshua a confused look. “Why did Mr. Walter send my men over to protect her?”

“Maybe Aura has connections with the Walters, or maybe it was the Walters who had ordered Aura to kill my children.” Joshua chuckled and put down the wine glass. “Do you truly have no knowledge of any of this, Dad?”

Adrian’s expression darkened. He had spent the last few years traveling, never staying long in any particular place or country. As for Dennis, Adrian had been friends with him for a long time, ever since they were young, but they were not as close as they used to be anymore. Therefore, he had no idea what Dennis had been up to lately.

“My assumptions were right, ” Joshua sneered. ” Aura atmost killed me and Luna Gibson’s children, and now, it appears she has connections with the Walters. Dennis even borrowed some of my men to protect and guard Aura in secret.” Adrian’s face was ashen at the explanation.

Joshua raised his glass and gently clinked it against Adrian’s. “Well, since you have zero idea what’s been happening, then I don’t think you should get involved in the feud between the Walters and me anymore. Don’t try to make things difficult for Luna on behalf of the Walters anymore. She’s the one who raised Neil and Nellie as her own, As for you, you’re just their grandfather, but aside from that, you don’t care about them at all.”

Joshua tipped his glass over and drained its contents. Then, he set it down on the table and stood up. “ That’s all I have to say to you. Please enjoy your meal, Master Lynch.”

Adrian chewed on his lip as he watched Joshua leave. “The whole point of this conversation is for you to vent your anger toward me because I slapped Luna last night, isn’t it?” He scoffed and added, “Have you fallen for Luna?

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