Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy – Chapter 473

Joshua stopped in his tracks and chided, “Just because I’m sticking up for Luna, you think I’ve fallen for her?“ He curled his lips into a contemptuous smirk and added, “How about you, Dad? You’re very protective of Hailey as well. Does that mean you’re in love with her?*

Adrian grew furious the moment he heard Joshua’s words. He slammed his fists against the table and roared, “How dare you even say that, Joshua? I’ve been friends with Dennis for such a long time now. Hailey is like a daughter to me! Besides, she’s dead now—how dare you even say such disrespectful things?*

Joshua chuckled. “No one is certain whether she’s truly dead or not, but…” He turned around and glanced at Adrian. “I learned this from you, Dad.“

Adrian was so enraged that he began struggling to breathe. “You b*stard! How dare you even talk to your father like this?”

‘If I’m a b*stard, what are you, Master Lynch?“ snapped Joshua before he turned and left the room, slamming the door behind him.

Adrian flipped the table over in a fury, not caring that he had spilled the food.
Swan Lake Residences.
Luna sat on the sofa as she drew some sketches on her easel while listening to her three children chatter through her


“The food that Lity cooked for us tonight was delicious I Although her cooking isn’t as good as Mommy’s, it wasn’t bad at all !” chirped Nellie in a childish voice as if giving Luna a brief recap of her day. “Much better than what Alice made.”

Neil snickered. “I think even I ‘in better at cooking than Alice is.” Then, suddenly, he seemed to recall something and added, “Nigel, do you know that Lily taught me how to cook a few new dishes? I’11 make them for you as soon as you get better.”

As soon as Neil said this, Luna heard Nigel’s chuckle ring out from the other end. “Why do you have to wait until I get better?”

Neil giggled. *I’m scared my cooking might make your condition get worse.”

Luna iet out an exasperated sigh. “Are you trying to tell us you’re good at cooking, or are you bad at it? ”

Neil contemplated for a moment before he finally replied, “I guess I’m a pretty good cook, but you might get an upset stomach after eating my food.”

Luna was speechless. She shook her head feebly and shifted into a more comfortable position before she resumed her sketches. “It’s already 9 at night now, and you guys should sleep soon. I’m not going to be

by your side anymore, so in the future, you and Nellie have to take care of each other and sleep early every night.” Everyone fell silent at her words. Then, after a long pause, Neil sighed and asked, sounding upset, ”

Mommy, did yau really promise Joshua that you won’t come find us anymore?”

Luna nodded. “Yes, but I promised him the same thing in the past, didn’t I? Don’t warry, everything will be fine.” “Everything is different now! ” huffed Nellie. “A nasty woman is going to be taking care of us now!”

Luna opened her mouth to comfort her children, but she did not know what to say.

“That woman will definitely make our lives difficult every time Daddy isn’t home! ” Nellie continued to complain.
Neil frowned at her words. “Nellie, don’t say things like this in front of Mommy. It’s not like she had a choice.”

“But— ” “I’ll think of something,” Nigel sighed and interjected just as Neil and Nellie were about to get into a squabble. “Wait for my good news.”

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