Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy – Chapter 475

The glimmer of hope in Luna’s eyes dimmed as she heard Joshua’s response. Her hand started to shake.

Luna let out an exhale and tried to compose herself so as not to let Joshua hear how devastated she was. * Mr. Lynch, even if you think I’m just worrying too much, I still have my reasons for doing this.”

“Since I’m willing to give Mrs. Lynch all the credit for my hard work, isn’t that a bonus for both of you? If that happens, she can work for Lynch Group without fearing anyone’s opinion…”

Joshua leaned against his car seat and chuckled. “If I want to let my wife work for me, I wouldn’t even care what any of my employees think.“

Luna’s hand stiffened.

Joshua continued in a low voice, “She’s my wife; she can take over any job position as long as I see fit. She doesn’t need to take credit for your work to do so.*

Luna felt as though something had hit her.
He was right.

As long as Joshua wanted to, he could offer Alice any position he wanted in the company. He would even let her become CEO if that was what he wanted, and no one else had a say in that.
Suddenly, Luna recalled an incident from when she and Joshua had just gotten married.

At that time, Luna desperately wanted to work at Lynch Group and become Joshua’s trusted sidekick. She tried to support him in his family life as well as his career.

However, Joshua had refused to take her in, claiming that it would spark many rumors and gossip about her within the company. He would not offer her a job unless she truly had the skills and expertise to excel in it.

He even told her that a good CEO would not offer anyone a job simply because they were close to him. Instead, they would have to evaluate and ensure that said person was indeed a good match for the company and job requirements before hiring them.

At that time, Luna had believed him and tried to improve herself in every aspect so she would one day be able to help him in his career.

Luna was so nalve that she genuinely believed Joshua was a fair and impartial CEO.

“Alright then… Never mind.” Luna sighed and hung up the phone without even saying goodbye. She understood what Joshua meant, so she no longer bothered to change his mind.

Luna put her phone aside and tried to fall asleep, but she tossed and turned the entire night. She was up all night as she thought of other ways of helping Neil and Nellie so that they would be free of Alice’s wrath. She even listed all of them down but crossed them out in the end.

Luna knew there was no way of protecting Neil and Nellie apart from saving them herself.
She eventually drifted off into an uneasy slumber.
However, at daybreak, Luna was awoken by a bad dream.

In her nightmare, Alice had poisoned Neil and Nellie, causing them to grow thinner each day. By the time they returned to Luna’s side, they were so malnourished that they died soon after.

When Luna opened her eyes, she discovered her pillow was drenched in tears.

She sat up and hugged the pillow close to her, gazing out at the dimly lit sky, and could not help feeling a little dazed.
She wanted to escape this place along with her children, but she knew that she could not do so, not before she got pregnant with Joshua’s child.

She had to save Nigel.

Even if she had to fight until her last breath, she would never give up on Nigel.


Luna pushed open her office door, looking exhausted.

“You’re five minutes away from being late, “a cold voice rang out as soon as Luna pushed the door open.

Luna frowned, lifted her head, and glanced in the direction of the voice.

Alice sat in her office chair, wearing a red outfit and a steely expression on her face. Alice caught sight of Luna and shrugged. “Ill be taking this office.”

She then tossed all the documents on the desk in

Luna’s direction. “Get all this stuff out of my sight.”

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