Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy – Chapter 484

Shannon glared at her and snatched Courtney’s phone.

She looked at Luna’s first draft projected on the huge screen before studying Mo Sam’s draft.

She went silent.

It was too…similar. Almost exactly the same.

At the same time, the others in the conference room started searching on their phones for Mo Sam, the talented genius.
The moment they saw it, everyone was silent.

Luna accepted the phone from her assistant, Arianna next to her. She furrowed her brows tightly.

The draft was the exact same as her design sketch. Even the details were the same.

She had been a designer for so many years. The number of times she encountered plagiarism was quite a number, too.
Nonetheless, this was the first time that the plagiarized draft was published one day before her, and in such a public manner to boot.

She squinted her eyes. Mo Sam’s intentions were clear. He wanted to steal the copyright to her designs right from the beginning at the draft stage.

“Director Luna, what is happening?“

Just when everyone was discussing among themselves in hush tones, Alice, fram a distance, blinked her huge eyes and asked innocently, “You’ve been working so hard, and we’re all witnesses to that. Why would your draft be the same as a seventeen-year-old genius?“

Luna slightly furrowed her brows. Her instinct told her that this matter was related to Alice.

She thought it was strange at first, too. Alice would not be happy unless she upset Luna every day. Other than getting Natasha and Joseph to bring her food, how could Alice not have done anything for the past half month?

It turned out she was waiting for Luna all along.


It was indeed where it hurt the most for the designer.
Luna squinted, scrutinizing Alice as she did. “Mrs. Lynch, why do you think that is?*

Alice paused for a while before a smile broke out on her face. “I don’t think there could be such a coincidence in this world, right? Between you and the talented genius, one of you must have copied the other.“

She looked at Luna and blinked. “Director Luna, do you think what I said is right?“ Luna narrowed her eyes a little, saying nothing. “However…“

Courtney, by the side, furrowed her brows. “Mo Sam has been living in Europa since young, and he’s still in Europa. He doesn’t even have any relatives here in

Banyan City. How could he have copied Director Luna’s design? On the contrary, he posted his drafts online, so copying them would be easy…“

Upon hearing Courtney’s words, the entire conference room was in silence.

Everyone looked at Luna cautiously.

Amid the dead silence, Luna smiled and put the phone down. She stood up graciously.

“I know what you all mean. With all the preof right in front of your eyes, you think that I copied this prodigy’s work, yes?” No one said anything, but that meant they agreed tacitly.

Luna smiled. “Since everyone thinks that way, I could only get Mr. Lynch to help bring justice.“

Luna’s voice was tranquil as she spoke, “The designer posted the drafts last night, so I’d have to check all those that entered my office and had touched my designs previously starting from last night.

“Perhaps none of you know this, but to prevent anybody else from tinkering with my designs, I’ve added a few small surveillance cameras near where I work.”

Then, Luna turned to look at Alice. “It’d be pointless to only destroy the office’s surveillance. I’ll find out who did this.“

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