Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy – Chapter 487

Alice pretended to be worried. “Joshua, I think you should…still make a police report.*

She clutched her chest, and her eyes reddened. “I’m heartbroken that my own father would do such a thing. If I knew earlier that he’d do this, I would’ve stopped him.*

Alice then looked at Luna meaningfully. “You know that Director Luna always had problems with me. “

Sniffling, she then shakily added, “When the plagiarism incident first came to light, Director Luna had been eyeing me suspiciously.“

Alice looked at Joshua with teary eyes. “I ‘m afraid that Director Luna wants to meet with my father alone so she can force my father to drag people who had nothing to do with this incident into this.*

Finally, Alice took a deep breath. “I still think we should let the cops handle this right away. What do you think?“

Joshua said nothing.

Taking a seat, he eyed Alice with his deep, endless eyes before looking at Luna.

In the end, he said flatly, “Alice is right. Before we clarify this matter, no one should see Joseph Gibson alone, whether it be Luna or Alice.”

Joshua waved his hand at Lucas. “Let the police handle this.“

At that moment, Luna’s heart wrenched tightly.

Although she was displeased with Natasha and Joseph playing favoritism and their reaction toward her death, they were still her biological parents.

Although she had said many times that she wanted to cut off ties with them and not care about them anymore, the fact remained that she lived with her parents for zo years, calling them her parents throughout those times.

If Joseph ended up imprisoned, he would be in for many years for leaking such a huge piece of confidential information.

He was a scumbag, having a mistress behind Natasha’s back for so many years. He deserved to go to prison.

Still, what would happen to Natasha after that? Luna shut her eyes. The second Lucas was about to exit the door, she called after him.
She lifted her head and looked at Joshua. “Mr. Lynch, is there no way around this?”

Joshua raised his eyebrows and looked at her in surprise. “Luna, Joseph stole your design. If he’s not brought to justice, there’d be no way to prove that Mo Sam stole your designs. Without proof that he stole your designs, that means that you’d be the one who could be plagiarizing his work. You won’t be able to continue making a living in the jewelry world in the future.“

Joshua succinctly clarified the impact of this incident to Luna.

Luna bit her lips. “I know, but…“

Luna began to sniffle. “Joseph Gibson is still Alice’s father and your father-in -law, after all. W—We…can think of another way to prove that Mo Sam stole my designs.”

Joshua looked at Luna. His sharp eyes seemed to be able to pierce through her soul, reading her deepest, darkest secrets.
Luna looked away, not daring to meet his gaze. “I only feel that— “

“This isn’t how you should act toward someone who violated yours and the company’s interest. You’re not an indecisive person.”

Joshua directly took a jab where it hurt the most. “ What on earth are you thinking about? Why the sudden kindheartedness?*

Luna gasped. She took a deep breath, turned around, and faced Joshua’s gaze fearlessly. “Mr. Lynch, I only feel that as humans, we can’t be so ruthless. No matter what, he’s your father-in-law. Even if he had made a mistake, it is your family matter. If you want to get the police involved and if he goes to prison, have you ever thought about your mother-in -law, who always had a heart problem? What would happen to her?“

Finally, Luna threw the documents on the table. “ Forget about it. In the end, this is your problem with the Gibsons. I’m only a victim. What right do I have to speak up?“

Luna stormed off and left everyone in the conference room in a daze. Clearly…

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