Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy – Chapter 488

Clearly, Luna was the victim while Alice was Joseph’s daughter.
Why were their roles swapped at that moment? Joshua narrowed his eyes on Luna’s leaving form, his gaze murky with confusion.

“Joshua…” Alice sighed. She walked over and grabbed his hand. “Why is Luna so concerned with our family matters? Since when is she so enthusiastic about us?“

“I’m surprised, too.“ Joshua retracted his gaze, his voice flat when he spoke. “Luna has always been professional in her work. I can’t get used to her suddenly bringing in family as an excuse.”

Then, he looked at Alice. “Just like how you used to b e concerned and worry about your family unconditionally, yet you’d suddenly choose to punish them. It’s baffling.”

Alice’s expressions changed a little.
After a while, she bit her lip and looked a little embarrassed. “I’m doing this just for you…” She cautiously looked at Joshua’s expressions. “T— Then…what are you planning to do with my father? “

There was a hint of hesitation in Joshua’s gaze for a moment. “We’ll go according to plan. Make a police report.“ Coming out from Lynch Group, Luna instantly hailed a taxi back to Swan Lake Residences.
Once she got back, she saw Theo’s door next door was opened. Theo was making prosciutto at home.

Upon hearing the elevator door open, Theo immediately rushed out. He smiled and looked at Luna. “Come, I’ll treat you to some good food.”

Luna furrowed her brows and rejected. “I’m not in a good mood.“ “I know you’re not in a good mood, so that’s why I made you a feast.“

Theo smiled and dragged Luna into his living room. ” When you came out from Lynch Group, Nigel called me and updated me on what happened.”

Luna paused a little.

She subconsciously lowered her head and grabbed the dangling necklace on her neck.

“Did you secretly turn the necklace on behind my back again? Eavesdropping on our meeting?“

After a long while, only then did Nigel’s depressed voice come through, “It’s not like I’ll reveal the ongoings during the meeting.“ Luna was silent.

Nigel was never an immature kid. At that moment, he was speaking to her in a relaxed, teasing, and cheeky way. He was obviously trying to cheer her up.

However, she could not smile at all.

“It looks like Neil would be better at cheering people up.”

After a long while, Nigel, on the other end of the call, sighed. “Il saw the design that Mo Sam published this morning. I only opened it because I was worried for you. Mommy, I ‘d never try to invade your privacy.”

Theo came out from the kitchen with dishes of foad. “You’re her son. Even if you invade her privacy, she won’t do anything to you. Furthermore, your mother likes to keep things to herself. If we did nothing, she would’ve kept all her troubles to herself.”

Then, Theo passed the utensils to Luna. “Eat up. We’ll think of a way after eating.“

Luna picked the utensils up and looked at the feast of dishes on the table. She somehow did not have the appetite.

Seeing her disheartened look, Theo furrowed his brows and put his utensils down. “Luna, I know that you can’t bear to see your own father go to prison, but have you ever thought that if Joshua were to tolerate his wrongdoing this time, he might do it again? By then, the loss that the Lynch Group would incur isn’t something that you can bear. It doesn’t matter whether your father has been instigated by Alice or not. Since he made such a mistake, he has to bear the consequences.”

Luna bit her lip. She wanted to say something else when her phone rang.

It was from Lucas.

“Luna.“ His voice sounded a little troubled. “Joseph has been arrested. His wife has passed out and has been sent to the hospital. “Mrs. Lynch wanted me to tell you that since you’re so kindhearted, you should perhaps pay her a visit.

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