Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy – Chapter 490

Joseph looked at Luna agitatedly. “In that case, Ms. Luna, will you let me go?“ “Sure, “ Luna closed her eyes. “but I need you to answer two questions.” “First. Luna took a deep breath and looked at the white-haired middle-aged man sitting opposite her closely.

“Before Aura left for overseas, she told me something. She said that she wasn’t Natasha’s child. She was a child you had with another woman. You sent the daughter you had with Natasha to the orphanage and brought Aura back instead. Is this true?“

The room was instantly in dead silence.
Joseph lifted his head and looked at Luna in shock. He opened and closed his mouth many times, but could not form his words.

After a long time, he said in a hoarse voice, “Why did she tell you this?”

Luna closed her eyes and inhaled deeply. “You only need to answer whether this is true or not. If I were to tell this to Alice, based on her character and how kind she is, do you think she’ll want to rescue you after knowing that you abandoned her own younger sister?

Joseph’s face lost all of its colors. He was paler than the wall behind him.

After another round of long silence, Joseph closed his eyes. “This is a long story, but I’ve indeed swapped children.“ Luna’s heart hurt terribly.

A mistress’ child. A mistress’ child took over the affection of her biological mother for more than zo years.

Even up to that moment, her mother, Natasha, was still kept in the dark.

That afternoon, she even got too agitated over the scumbag that secretly swapped her daughter away. She passed out and was hospitalized.

Luna bit her lip harshly as she glared daggers at Joseph. “Don’t you think that it was heartless of you doing that? What do you treat your wife as?”

Joseph bit his lip timidly, not saying anything for a very long time.
In the end, he took a deep breath and closed his eyes.
“I’m going to prison anyway, so there’s no reason for me to continue hiding this. Actually…“

Joseph opened his eyes.

“Although Aura isn’t Natasha’s daughter, neither is she mine. She’s the daughter of a rich foreigner.

Back then, when I heard that the rich foreigner was coming to pick their daughter up, I had the idea. I had no ability to let my daughter have a better life…“

Luna gasped. “So you swapped your daughter with someone else’s daughter? Is that it?” Joseph said nothing.

Luna closed her eyes. This man in front of her was her father. For many years. Joseph was always a mature and great person in her eyes.

However, at that moment, everything was ruined. “Natasha doesn’t know about this, even until now. “

Joseph lowered his head. “Even if she does someday, she won’t blame me. After all, our daughter is having a great life now. I’ve been blaming myself all these years, but it has already happened. Other than treating Aura better, I have no other way…”

Then, Joseph lifted his head. “Il have answered your question, Ms. Luna. What’s the other question?” Luna hesitated for a while. She smiled. “The other question is…you said that you and Natasha were regretful of your actions toward Luna Gibson. Were the both of you truly regretful and guilty, or are you just trying to please Alice to get protection from Joshua?”

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