Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy – Chapter 498

Anne’s mouth gaped wide open.

Luna rubbed the middle of her brows. She sighed heavily. “I never would’ve thought that things would be resolved so easily.“ She thought she would need a day or two to come up with a plan. She never expected that everything would change overnight.
Nigel pursed his lips. “I’ve told you to have a good sleep and when you wake up, everything will be solved. I wasn’t lying, right?“ Luna chuckled. After a while, she exhaled. “I ‘m just curious—how did you make Mo Sam listen to you? “

“Nothing much. “ Nigel laughed gently. “I hacked into his computer and took away everything on his hard disk, including his diaries of wetting the bed when he was young and how he failed to pursue the girl that he has a crush on. Also…

“Also, evidence of other designers’ drafts.“

Luna paused for a while before slowly saying, “So, his identity as a talented designer…“

“Mmh,“ Nigel responded, “it’s all fake. He’s only a person that loves jewelry design a lot, but he only likes them. He doesn’t have any talent for it. His previous designs were all bought from other designers.“

Luna rubbed the middle of her brows.

She never would have expected this.

“However, “ Nigel, on the other end of the line, was silent for a while before slowly saying, “When I threatened Mo last night, I only got him to admit that he stole your drafts, Mommy. I said nothing about clearing Grandpa’s name for stealing the drafts.

“According to Mo’s character, he’s not the type of person that would actively help clear Grandpa’s name.” Luna shuddered violently. “Are you trying to say…”

“I don’t think I was the only person that looked for Mo Sam last night. After I chatted with Mo, someone else must’ve used a different way to force Mo to bear all the crimes.“

Nigel said his deduction confidently, “I think that person must be Joshua Lynch.“

Luna gasped a little.


Why would he get Mo Sam to help Joseph Gibson out? Was it because of Alice, or because of her? She could not understand.
After hanging up the call with Nigel, Luna was feeling even more complicated.

After hesitating for a long while, she picked up her handphone and walked to the balcony, dialing Joshua’s number.

The phone call rang for a jong time before it was picked up. However, it was not Joshua that answered the call but Lucas.
“Luna.” Lucas sounded a little tired. “We’re in the airport now. The flight is about to take off.”

Luna furrowed her brows. “Where are you going? ” “Not ‘where’.” Lucas sighed. “After sending you

back to Swan Lake Residences last night, we went

straight to the airport and flew to where Mo Sam was. We spent the night searching for Mo, forcing him to take responsibility for all the crimes. Mr. Lynch didn’t sleep at all the entire night. He had just fallen asleep.”

Luna’s breath stopped.
She pursed her lips. “Thank you so much for your hard work.”

“Don’t mention it.” Lucas’ hand that held the phone trembled a little. “ There is something I have to tell you, though. Last night, the person that was dealing with your hacker friend isn’t Mo, but Mr. Lynch himself.”

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