Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy – Chapter 516

Luna slightly squinted her eyes. “I do really have something.”

Luna went to the study and took her laptop. She opened the summer camp information that Nigel sent to her.
“I hope Nellie and Nigel have a better education.“

Joshua furrowed his brows. He quickly scanned through the information on the summer camp.

“No.“ Joshua opened his mouth and said determinedly, “Neil and Nellie just returned to me and Alice for only a month. Now you want me to send them to such a far place. The summer camp is for six months. I don’t agree with it.“

Luna closed her laptop. She lifted her head and looked at Joshua mockingly. “Mr. Lynch, you truly do not keep your promises.
You were just talking to me about responsibilities just now. However, after saying that, you’re still not planning to bear your own responsibilities, isn’t it?“

Joshua’s gaze instantly darkened.

He looked at Luna closely. “I said I agree to a condition, but that does not mean you can interfere in my family matters.* “But, Mr. Lynch, you just said that I could suggest anything, as long as you could do it.”

“Sending your children to summer camp is not a very hard thing to do for you, right?” Joshua squinted his eyes, saying


Luna shrugged. She changed into a more comfortable position. Then, she gracefully produced a recording device from her pocket.

Under Joshua’s dangerous gaze, she pressed the play button.

Joshua’s low and husky vaice rang out in the quiet living room.

“I can promise to fulfil one condition for you as compensation. Just mention it, as long as I can do it.” Joshua’s face instantly turned blue.

Luna chuckled and replayed the recording once again. She played it once more and replayed it again.

When Joshua heard it for the fifth time, he finally clenched his fists.

“I have to ask Nellie and Neil’s opinion.” Upon his words, the bedroom door was immediately opened.
The two of them walked out holding hands. “We agree to it!*

Nellie ran toward Joshua. She reached out her tiny hands and tugged on Joshua’s sleeves. “Daddy, I want to learn more and widen my perspective.

Perhaps after coming out from summer camp, I’ll be much better than now! “

Neil crossed his arms. He sat on the sofa like a little adult. “Perhaps after attending the summer camp, I’ll discover my talent too and become a little genius.”

Joshua rubbed the middle of his brows helplessly. He knew it.

When Luna told him about the summer camp, she must have discussed this with them already.

The only reason he said that he wanted to ask their opinion was that he already noticed two pairs of huge, black eyes, looking out from the crack of the door.

Joshua hugged Nellie in her arms with famifiarity. “ Don’t you want to be closer to Daddy?”

Nellie smiled and kissed Joshua on the face. “We’re close enough! We don’t need to be any closer! “ Joshua raised his hands and pinched her little nose. “ How about you and Mommy?”

Nellie frowned a little.

She knew that Joshua was referring to Alice, but she pretended not to understand him. She pointed at Luna. “Of course, I’m close to Mommy too!”

Joshua, who was hugging her, gently chuckted, “I’m talking about your biological Mommy.”

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