Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy – Chapter 52

The drunk Joshua openly talked about how they met in front of Luna. His heartfelt words were all words of hypocrisy in Luna’s ears.

He never knew that the first time they met was not under the cherry blossom tree. It was when he met with an accident.

Many years back, Joshua met with a serious accident. When the car crashed into him, he was abandoned by the side of the road. It was Luna that rescued him and sent him to the hospital. She took care of him for a whole month while he was in a coma.
She liked him, but she did not dare to fall for him. She knew that she was too ordinary. She was not worthy of a man like him, so when he gained consciousness, she left him determinedly.

She initially thought that they would forget each other, but did not expect that they would meet again later on.

The moment they reunited, she truly believed that he was part of her life, so she started pursuing him like crazy. She loved him to bits and finally married him.

On the wedding day, he told her plainly that he did not like her.

He did not know whether he would like her in the future or not, but he would let her be the missus.

Back then, she naively believed that this was the most beautiful vow, but what happened later…

Luna looked at Joshua with loathing in her eyes. She gave up her career and went all around seeking medical advice, all because he said, “It’s time to have kids.”

Later on, she bore him three children, triplets! However, what she got in exchange was the betraying of her younger sister, Aura.

He also viciously hired someone to crash into her, sending her flying off the Bay Bridge.
In the end, he even forged a will to insult her, saying that she cheated on him and asking him to marry Aura! Every time she dreamt of this when she was overseas, a chill would run down her back.

If it were not for her three children or if it were not for Nigel needing treatment, she wanted to dissect Joshua and see whether he had a heart or not!

This heartless man was pretending to be affectionate and emotional in front of her at that moment. He was even telling her how they met.

What was the point? At that moment, Luna was just a n outsider. She was just a maid that Joshua barely knew.

Perhaps, if Joshua pretended to be affectionate and deeply in love in front of outsiders, it would make him feel better about his conscience?

“I don’t quite understand.” Luna sneered. “If Mrs. Lynch was so important to you, why did you want to marry Aura? Just because she is your wife’s younger sister?“

Joshua shook his head. “Because she left me a will. She asked me to take good care of Aura, best if I could marry her and take care of her for the rest of her life. So, I got engaged with Aura. It was indeed easier for me to take care of her that way.”

Luna smiled. “Just because you needed to take care of her, you made her your fiancée?“

Joshua furrowed his brows and looked at her. “After my wife died, Aura and I had no whatsoever relationship anymore. To let her become my fiancée and announce it to the public was the best way to take care of her.“

“I beg to differ.“ Luna stood up and looked at Joshua coldly. “First, I don’t think a normal woman would openly request for her husband to marry her younger sister.

“Also, I don’t think being a fiancée would ensure whatever protection. If you truly wanted to protect Aura, she could be your sister or a friend. You could even publicly announce that she is your wife’s sister. Now that your wife has passed away, you have to take care of her. Would anyone object to that?”

Joshua looked at Luna with his deep, endless eyes, saying nothing.

Luna took a deep breath. “So, why are you finding an excuse for yourself, Mr. Lynch? You purely want to marry Aura. Don’t blame it on your ex-wife. She should not be the one bearing the responsibility.

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