Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy – Chapter 523

Luna laid on the bed. She calmly swept Alice a glance. “So, you’re just here to mock me, Mrs. Lynch?”

Then, Luna laughed gently. She turned to look at Alice, who had the exact same face she had previously. “I thought that you would be sad, Mrs. Lynch. After all.“

Luna narrowed her eyes. She looked at the changes in Alice’s expressions closely. “After all, from today onward, both your fathers, the real and the fake one, are in prison.“

Alice suddenly raised her brows. Her eyes were filled with disbelief. “What are you talking about?! “ Seeing her reaction, Luna could not help but sneer. “As expected, I was right. Ms. Hailey.” Anne was only so to 60 percent sure that Alice was Hailey, according to her judgment the day before.

However, the changes of expression on Alice’s face when she heard Luna mentioned her real and fake father, helped Luna basically confirm that Alice Gibson is Hailey Walter.

Alice’s face had a moment of shock. However, she soon recovered.

Alice calmly raised her brows at Luna. “I don’t know what you are talking about? What Ms. Hailey?” “Ms, Hailey Walter.” Luna smiled and looked at her. “ If you still have to pretend in front of me, isn’t that too exhausting?”

Then, Luna sized Alice up, looking at the exact same face she had in the past. “It must have been really hard for you. Six years. You have put in a lot of work.“

Atice fiercely squinted her eyes.
After a while, Alice calmly changed the topic. “Did you know that Natasha is also in this hospital?“

“So? Are you trying to get Natasha to stab me too, Ms. Hailey? That would be good too. Let them repent for their mistakes in prison. How could they be worthy of the great Ms. Hailey calling them her parents?“

Alice narrowed her eyes fiercely.

After a while, she directly reached out and grabbed Luna by the collar. She said in a suppressed tone, “ Luna, stop calling me Ms. Hailey! If my identity is exposed in front of Joshua, you won’t be able to keep yours too! “

‘Is that so?“

Because her right shoulder was injured, when Alice tugged on her collar, Alice could not struggle nor move. She could only go along with it.

Luna raised her eyebrows and looked at Alice. “Will Ms. Hailey tell Joshua my true identity? If Joshua knew who I was, tell me which would most likely happen, u s falling in love and seeing you in humiliation, or Joshua still liking you more?“

Alice’s pretty face was completely distorted due to rage.

She glared at Luna fiercely. In the end, she let go of Luna.

“Of course, I won’t tell Joshua your true identity. Even if he knows that I am Hailey Walter, I still won’t tell him. Don’t you worry. If there is an Alice Gibson in this world, there would be another one too. Since you have given up the identity as Luna Gibson, you deserved to see Joshua fall in love with other women! “

Then, Alice gritted her teeth and angrily left.
Luna smiled while lying on the bed. “Mrs. Lynch, safe journey. I won’t see you offl* What replied to her was the slamming of the door.

Looking at the ceiling, Luna chuckled. Alice said that since she has given up the identity of Luna Gibson, she deserved it to see Joshua fall in love with other women.

Was Alice still thinking that she was the Luna Gibson from six years ago that naively likes Joshua? Luna, at that moment…

Other than getting pregnant with Joshua’s child to cure Nigel’s sickness, she thought of nothing else.

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