Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy – Chapter 527

Alice was dressed in a revealing way, standing in front of Joshua. She never expected that Joshua would say such words.
Her face turned a little pale. Then, she gently laughed, “Joshua…“

Alice went around the desk and directly approached Joshua. She tenderly sat on his lap, burying herself in his arms. She slid her long finger across his cold, handsome face.

“With you around, even if I don’t wear anything, I won’t feel cold.“

Alice’s actions were extremely seductive, one would not be able to resist her facial expression.


Joshua furrowed his brows. He put her down from his arms.

He reached her long hands and grabbed the teacup which Alice placed on the table. He picked it up and took a small sip.
“Aren’t you here to apologize to me?*

He leaned back and pushed the chair slightly away from Alice. “What are you apologizing for?“

Alice furrowed her brows. She wanted to continue getting closer to Joshua. “After you went upstairs, I thought for a while. It’s true. Luna did not say things like how the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree to me.” Alice sighed, “Someone eise said that to me. I remembered it wrongly.”

Then, Alice gently took over the teacup in Joshua’s hand. She placed it back on the table. Then, she hugged Joshua’s neck tightly with both her arms.

She pressed her sexy lips forward. “Joshua, can you forgive me?” “The person you should apologize to is Luna and not me.“

Joshua rubbed the middle of his brows. The second before Alice’s lips touched him, he raised his hands and blocked her kiss.

“I still have work to do.”

Alice was determined to sleep with Joshua. She bit her lips rather shyly. “But Joshua, I wantit… we haven’t slept together in almost half a month. I ‘m your wife, please don’t avoid me. What do you say? “

Alice’s voice was gentle, she looked aggrieved. Her face was exceptionally gorgeous. She also had a great figure. The pajamas could barely cover her long legs and beautiful hips.

Joshua had to admit that this was a scene that could stir up his feelings.


Joshua sighed, “Alice.“

He raised his hands and held her face. He said in a stern tone, “Although I said that Joseph’s incident had nothing to do with you, he is still your father. He got arrested today for almost murdering someone. Isn’t thinking about sleeping together a little inappropriate?“

Alice opened her mouth. She wanted to say something, but could not find her words.

Joshua has already expressed his thoughts. If Alice were to continue pressing forward, it would only annoy him.
Alice could only swallow the aggrievance she felt and got up from Joshua. “Joshua, sorry, I…“

Joshua raised his hand and lightly placed them on his forehead. “It’s late. Go get some rest.“

Looking at how jaded Joshua looked, Alice bit her lips hard. Even if she was extremely reluctant, she still took a deep breath and apologized to Joshua once more before turning around and leaving.

The door of the study was shut.

Joshua held his forehead with one hand. He closed his eyes.

Of course, he knew that it was only normal for Alice to have needs.

However, he did not know what, even if she was like that, he still could not get excited about her.

After all those years of staying celibate, Joshua has a huge amount of control over his urges.

Alice, a mament ago, cauld barely even turn him on. Joshua furrowed his brows in canfusion.

However, the previous time in Sea City and when they came back from Sea City, he and she could go at it like crazy.
Perhaps it was truly because of Joseph Gibson?

Joshua sighed. He stood up and called Lucas. “Get the car ready. To the office.”

Lucas, on the other end of the line, was shocked. “ What are you planning to do so late in the office? “


The sound of Joshua’s car leaving came from downstairs.

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