Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy – Chapter 53

Luna did not sleep well that night.

She kept dreaming about all the things that she went through with Joshua. The flutter of her heart during her first encounter with him, the happiness she felt when they had their wedding photos taken, the rush of their wedding…

She kept asking Joshua why in her dreams.

Why? Why should her love be completely wiped out like this?

When she woke up, her pillow was wet with tears. Turns out, the pain one suffered in love was not that easy to let go of even after so many years.

“Mommy.* Nellie was standing by her bed with a tissue in her hand. She carefully wiped away Luna’s tears. “Did Daddy make you angry again?“

Luna shut her eyes and hugged Nellie in her arms. Feeling the warmth of Nellie’s body, she suddenly felt energized once again.
For the past six years, her three children were her motivation to continue living. No matter what, she would not abandon them.
“Mommy, stop crying.“

Nellie gently patted Luna on her back. She comforted gently, “No matter what, Nigel, Neil, and I will always be on your side. Don’t be sad.“

Nellie’s comforts touched Luna. She hugged Nellie for a long time until Lucas came knocking on her door.

“Luna, are you awake?”

Luna furrowed her brows. She pushed Nellie away and opened the door.

“What is it?“

“If you’re awake, can you make some soup for Joshua to sober up?” Lucas stood by the door with an embarrassed expression.

“He has an important meeting later, but he drank too much last night. He is still hungover. It’s still early, the other servants are not here yet, so I could only ask you to do it.“

Luna nodded. “Okay.*

Then, she put on a jacket and headed downstairs.

In the kitchen, she put the ingredients into the pot and boiled it. Then, she started making breakfast for Nellie.

Standing at the entrance of the kitchen, Lucas stood there. He was hesitant to say something.

“Just spit it out, “ Luna said without looking at him while making breakfast.
Lucas looked awkward.

After a while, he lifted his head and looked at Luna’s almost-perfect side profile.
“Yesterday at Ms. Gibson’s house…I lied.“

Luna was chopping vegetables when her hand paused a little.

After a short while, she continued what she was doing. “What did you lie about?“ “The matter yesterday, Ms. Gibson should be the one that planned it.“ Lucas took a deep breath. He could see that Luna

has cried recently.

Taking into account how Luna stormed off at Aura’s house, Lucas guessed that the matter yesterday must have gotten to her.

Hence, he felt that he owed her an explanation. “ found out that the bank account that was used to transfer to the spammers’ syndicate was indeed Ms. Gibson’s personal bank account.“

Luna sneered, but she pretended to nonchalantly chop vegetables. “So why did you say it was the company’s account?” He did not need to say it explicitly, it must be under Joshua’s instruction.
She understood.

“Ms. Gibson is Joshua’s fiancée.” Lucas took a deep breath. “She will be the mistress of this house in the future. There are some things we should keep to ourselves. There is no need to embarrass her in public. Furthermore, the incident was settled perfectly. No one on the internet is talking about this anymore.”

Then, he looked at Luna. “Don’t take it to heart. It is only normal for us, as servants, to be aggrieved for the sake of our masters.”

“Is it so?” Luna stopped whatever she was doing. She turned off the fire and poured the soup out.

“Just because I am a servant, I am destined to be bullied by Aura and I can’t fight back. Is that it?”

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