Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy – Chapter 531

“Damn it!”

In the amusement park’s changing room, Alice unwillingly slipped out of her long, red dress and into a long shirt and long pants that the staff provided.

After leaving the changing room, she ran into Neil who had long since been waiting for her at the entrance.
“Ms. Alice, our beautiful day has just started.”

The little guy leaned on the door, licking on the new ice cream that Joshua bought for him and winked in Alice’s direction. “Later I would like to invite you to ride on the roller coaster, the drop tower and the swing pendulum ride too! “

He frowned slightly. “Ms. Alice, are you afraid of heights? I remember there’s also bungee jumping facilities in this amusement park.“ As he said that, he turned and glimpsed at her, “Initially, I planned to enjoy those rides with Mommy Luna, but now that she hurt her shoulder, I have no choice but to invite you. Since you’re here today to bond with us children, then you wouldn’t reject an invitation from your beloved son and daughter to enjoy such exciting rides, right?”

Alice trembled slightly. She hated all these exciting, gravity-defying rides the most! If it was not because she wanted to teach Luna a lesson, she would not have come here at all! Her initial plan was to act all

lovey-dovey with Joshua in front of Luna and take away her chance of spending time with the children when necessary.

As long as Luna was unhappy, she would be happy.
But now…

Not only did she fail at causing trouble for Luna, instead she was made a fool of the moment they entered the amusement park!

She glared at Neil viciously, expression venomous. “ What do you want?”

“Eyesores should know when they’re not wanted.” Neil took a bite of his ice cream, and smiled in her direction. “It’s such a beautiful weekend, you should go and visit your father who’s in jail, or perhaps

your mother, who’s in a bad mood because her husband is in jail. What do you think?“

Alice gritted her teeth, glared at Neil viciously again, and strode away.

Looking at the woman’s retreating back, huffing in vexation, Neil lifted the pendant hanging from his necklace and laughed cheekily, “Nigel, the idea you gave me is perfect! You’re the best! “

Nigel’s flat voice drifted in from the pendant, “I read up on her, she’s a germaphobe, has a fear of heights, and hates exhilarating rides like these.”

Neil smiled, his eyes curving into little crescents. “ But how did you find information about her? You already know her true identity?“

On the other end of the phone, Nigel hummed flatly in reply, then hurriedly changed the subject. “We must have chased Alice away.“ “Then what about Joshua?“

“I just hacked into the surveillance system, Nellie seems to be having fun with him…”

Neil frowned. “Forget it, let him stay then. We’re leaving tomorrow, and Nellie likes him so much.“

In the amusement park outside.

Joshua was shooting at balloons with a BB gun. Nellie stood beside him, hugging a huge teddy bear. She smiled happily and glanced at Luna, who was sitting at the side. “Mommy, my Daddy is great, isn’t he?”

Luna smiled and ruffled the little girl’s hair, but remained silent.

The moment Alice stalked out of the dressing room angrily, the first scene that entered her eyes was of three of them, interacting with each other harmoniously, as if they were a happy family.

Her hands clenched tightly into fists beside her.

She strode toward them, and dove into Joshua’s arms the moment he put down the BB gun. “Joshua, I just got a call. My mother’s condition has worsened, and the news that my father is in jail upset her.“

She raised her eyes and looked at him pitifully. “Can you accompany me to the hospital to visit my mother, please?”

Nellie pouted unhappily the moment the words left her mouth. “No, don’tt “

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