Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy – Chapter 537

Luna’s blood froze in her veins at the sound of the man’s voice.

She turned.

Joshua stood at the door, his expression dark and stormy, his hand raised, blocking Theo’s path.
Beside him, Alice looked in Luna’s direction with a smile on her face.

Seeing her turn around, Alice widened her eyes in faux-shock. “So, last night, Luna and Mr. Allen… *

As she spoke, she even walked past Theo and came to Luna’s bedside, picking up her jacket from the floor and placing it on her shoulders, “How come your clothes are all torn, Mr. Allen is such an elegant artist, why is he not gentle at all when it comes to something like this?“

Luna narrowed her eyes. When Alice bent down to wrap the jacket around her shoulders, she lowered her voice and whispered, “You did this?“

Alice curled her lips up in a smile. “I don’t understand what you’re talking about. “ With that, she took a step backward, turned, and glanced at Theo and Joshua standing in the doorway. “Luckily, the children were sleeping in the children’s room downstairs last night. Otherwise, tsk tsk…”

She stealthily glimpsed at Joshua, then walked to him and hooked her arm through his, “Joshua, I never knew Mr. Allen and Luna are already so intimate.“

Joshua’s expression further darkened at her words. He frowned, raised his eyes, and glanced at Theo coldly. “When did you come?“

Theo sucked in a deep breath. “Luna and I, it’s not what you think! “

He took a step backward, his emotions running wild. “Luna and I were framed, we were trapped! We

didn’t do anything last night! “

It was true, he had feelings for Luna all atong, but he knew she did not feel the same way. He did not like forcing his will on others, and neither did he want to cause her trouble.

“Yesterday I was ambushed by my fans, I couldn’t go home, so I…” “So you came to see Luna?“

Before he coutd finish his sentence, Alice interrupted him. She gave a faint tut and said, “Both of you are single, so something like this could happen, it’s nothing out of the ordinary. Why do you keep denying it, Mr. Allen?”

She rolled her eyes. “Could it be, you don’t want to take responsibility?“

With that, Alice sighed, and dove into Joshua’s arms. “Joshua, no matter what Luna is our children’s foster mother, and our friend. If Mr. Allen doesn’t want to take responsibility, shouldn’t we help her? *

Joshua remained silent. His eyes were trained tightly on Luna, as if he wanted to see through her, to read her mind.

All along, she had been focused on no one else but him. She never displayed any sense of intimacy with Theo in front of him before.

And now?! They were already in such an intimate relationship!

If it was not for Alice who woke up early in the morning and insisted on coming to get Luna so all three of them could send the children off together, he would never realize Luna and Theo were engaging in such activities last night! This woman who stargazed and enjoyed a few drinks with him…

And yet, after leaving him, she secretly brought a man back to her hotel room. She kept insisting that she loved the children, with all her heart, and was even afraid that their biological mother, Alice, might hurt them.

And now what happened?

The night before the children were scheduled to leave, she and Theo would exert themselves so much in the hotel, until the point where she was still asleep at a time like this!

He looked at her, his eyes ice-cold. “The children are leaving for the airport in three minutes. So it turns out Ms. Luna who loves the children so deeply, only cares about her own pleasure, and isn’t even willing to send the children off to the airport?”

Only then did Li Yue suddenly come back to her senses.
That’s right! They were supposed to send Neil and Nellie to the airport today!

She wanted to climb out of bed and put on her clothes, but right now, the moment she moved, she would…

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