Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy – Chapter 538

As if he read through her mind, Joshua laughed coldly, “Forget it. Neil is a very punctual child, he already left with Nellie ten minutes ago.“

A range of emotions ran across Luna’s face, from anxiety to helplessness and lastly despair. Not only did she miss out on the chance to send the children off at the airport…

She could hardly explain what was going on between her and Theo.
“I said, Luna and I are not involved in that sort of relationship! “ Theo frowned. “There’s a misunderstanding!* “How can this be a misunderstanding?”

When Theo repeatedly emphasized that he had nothing to do with Luna, Joshua finally screwed his eyebrows together, and looked at both him and Luna indifferently. “You said nothing happened between you, then how do you explain everything in this room?”

In the room, not only was the entire bed in a mess, Luna’s clothes were scattered on the carpet.

Her high-heels, clutch, jacket, stockings…
All of that just seemed to showcase how intense the battle between them was last night.

Theo was at a loss for an explanation, how matter how hard he tried, he could not provide a logical explanation. “If I say it didn’t happen, then it didn’t happen! Luna has no feelings for me, she wouldn’t…“

Joshua raised his head, his eyes cold and ruthless. “ Just because she doesn’t have feelings for you, does that mean she wouldn’t sleep with you?”

As he spoke, he turned and looked at her. “Since when was Ms. Luna such a woman of principle? Don’t tell me every man she slept with, she did so because she had feelings for him?”

Luna’s hands clenched into fists beside her. She knew he was taunting her and also mocking her.

She had slept with him countless times. Not every time was out of love. But she figured, that time last night, might have been out of love.

And yet.

The next morning, the man who just last night had turned her world upside down, now firmly believed that she had spent the night with Theo, even resorting to asking her questions like these.

So, she curled her lips and smiled. “So what if I did, and what if I didn’t?” She picked up the bedcovers and wrapped them tightly around herself. Then, she turned and looked condescendingly at Joshua who was standing in the hallway. “Mrs. Lynch is right, both Theo and I are single. As adults, can’t we just do what we want?”

Her words instantly cooled down the temperature in the room.
Theo frowned. “Luna, we didn’t…“

“There’s nothing to hide.” Luna’s voice was indifferent as she said, “The hickeys on my body and

everything in this room proved that I did sleep with a man last night. If that man isn’t you…“

As she spoke, she raised her eyebrows and side-eyed Joshua. “Then don’t tell me, it’s Mr. Lynch?”

The atmosphere in the roam chilled even further at her sentence.

Luna looked in Joshua’s direction emotionlessly. “ But I don’t understand, Mr. and Mrs. Lynch are here at my door early in the morning, questioning me about my relationship with Theo as if we are having an affair. Why? Does the Lynch Group have a rule that its female employees can’t spend the night with another man?*

Joshua narrowed his eyes, his gaze as cold as the ice of winter. He gritted his teeth, forcing every word out between his lips. “I didn’t say the two of you can’t be together. But Luna, don’t you know the situation yesterday, and our plans for today? You missed out on sending the children off because of something like this, this is the love you say you have for the children?“

Luna swept her hair back elegantly. “I love the children, and at the same time, I love Theo too. There is no conflict between the two.” With that, she raised her eyes and glanced at Joshua indifferently. “However, I would like to ask, where did the hickey on your neck come from?”

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