Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy – Chapter 539

“The hickey on my husband’s neck… of course I planted it.“ Alice still lay on Joshua’s chest arrogantly, looking at Luna condescendingly. “If it wasn’t me, don’t tell me you planted it?”

Luna curled her lips, raised her eyes, and looked at Joshua coldly. “Mr. Lynch, do you also think your wife was the one who planted it?*

Joshua’s expression darkened immediately. He remembered where the hickey on his neck came from.

Last night, he was stargazing with Luna on the roof. He was drunk and somehow the two of them started kissing. He remembered they kissed for a long time; Luna even recklessly left a hickey on his neck.

Later, the alcohol overtook his brain, and his mind fuddled. But he vaguely remembered he had slept with a woman. He thought he had spent the whole night with Luna, but unexpectedly when he woke up in the morning, the woman lying beside him was Alice!

He was confused and also worried something could have happened to her…

In the end, by the time he rushed to her room, he saw her with Theo, barely dressed at all!

Fury, confusion, disappointment…
A myriad of emotions surged in his chest.
And yet this woman cauld so shamelessly mention the hickey an his neck in front of him?

Did she not knaw how to spell the word ‘shameless’? She had been kissing him on the rooftap in the wee hours of the morning and now there was another man in her bed!

At this thought, Joshua laughed coldly, “Of course the hickey on my neck was planted by Alice.“ He looked at her coldly. “If it wasn’t Alice, don’t tell me it’s from you?”

He crossed his arms over his chest, his gaze deep and cold. “Ms. Luna, don’t tell me you’re trying to say, last night you kissed me first, then spent the night with Mr. Allen? When you were having fun with him last night, were you also speaking to Mr. Quinn on the phone?“

Luna froze in place, the color on her face fading little by little.

She only questioned Joshua about the cause of the hickey on his neck to test whether he remembered what happened last night. Based on his current attitude, he obviously remembered. She squeezed her hands tightly into fists on her side, her nails embedded in her palms.

He remembered, he remembered everything! Not only did he remember, he even taunted her for first sleeping with him, and then sleeping with Theo! He even mentioned Malcolm!

What was he trying to say? That she was an easy woman who would spread her legs for any man? “Who’s Mr. Quinn?* Alice widened her eyes in faux- shock. “Is he… Ms. Luna’s boyfriend? Why haven’t I heard of him before?“

Joshua narrowed his eyes, fury raging in the bottom of his eyes, his tone cold and cruel. “Of course she wouldn’t mention him. If she did, how can she seduce other men?“

The moment the words left his mouth, Theo’s brows screwed tightly together. “Joshua Lynch, what the hell are you saying?” “Am I wrong?”

He shook off Alice’s hold on his arm and stalked toward Luna step by step. The eyes that were fixed on Luna were bone -chilfingly cold as if carrying the chill of a thousand -year-long frost. “In the name of accompanying the children on a trip, you spent the night in one of our high -end hotels owned by the Lynch Group, then you brought your man here…” Walking up to Luna, he lifted her chin up with a single hand. “Staying in a company-owned hotel room, spending the company’s money, doing all of this under the name of the children… Luna, you’re very smart, very skilled! “

Luna raised her eyes, cold eyes meeting his. “Mr. Lynch, you’re not too bad yourself, aren’t you?”

With that, she lowered her voice and said in a tone that only the two of them were privy to, “Do you really want me to tell averyone present what you and I did last night?“

He blinked violently and his eyes seemed to pause.

Luna flung away his arm that was holding her chin, “Mr. Lynch, I would like to remind you, I’m still single. I can be whoever I want, even if last night I first slept with one man, then later slept with a different man, it’s no one’s business but mine.
What right do you have to question me? Who are you to me?” Joshua’s expression darkened immediately.

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