Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy – Chapter 544

Joshua frowned, raised his eyes, and took a look. Instantly, his pupils dilated!

This was the thing he secretly placed in Luna’s bedside drawer! In the past, there had been a few times when he and Luna failed to control themselves, but he still felt it would be bad for both him and Luna if they did not take precautions.

That’s why he purposely prepared a whole box of these and placed them in Luna’s bedside drawer. But, maybe it was a coincidence, but after he placed the box of stuff in her drawer, they never slept together again.

Naturally, the box of stuff remained untouched. But now…
In the photos, not only was the box touched, a few of the items inside had been removed! “The few Walter family cronies, they didn’t do anything when they went to Luna’s apartment, this was all they took.“

With that, Jude yawned. “It does fulfill Hailey’s personality, her subordinates do everything for her. Right, Hailey has been receiving plastic surgery continuously for the past few years. I thought she would at least make herself look like your wife, to earn your attention. But unexpectedly, she made herself look so beautiful, she doesn’t look like your wife at all. But her wager paid off, you quite like her, don’t you?“

Jude’s words made Joshua’s hands clenched tightly into fists by his side.
“That’s impossible.”

After a long time, the man came to a solemn conclusion. “The Walter family had been targeting Luna when we were in Sea City. She… it’s impossible…

Even if they threatened to kill him, he would not believe that Luna was Hailey! Besides, there were too many mysteries that could not be explained.

For example, why the imposter Hailey would target Luna. For example, why would Hailey do so many things to target Luna?

“Everything is possible.“ Jude laughed softly, “But I too hope your beautiful subordinate isn’t Hailey Walter. Otherwise, you hated her so much back then, but in the end you slept with her so many times, won’t you feel disgusted?“

Joshua raised his eyes and glared at him coldly.
Jude shrugged and stood up. ‘I’ll still investigate

this seriously. But…“ He lifted his eyebrows and side- eyed Joshua, “You be careful. I also looked into your female subordinate’s identity for quite some time. I can tell you for sure that her identity is fake, entirely made up by someone. As for her true identity and goal… I don’t think it will be too far from Hailey’s.“ With that, Jude turned and left.

After he left, Joshua sat in his office, his gaze dark and bottomless as he flipped through each of the photos…

A moment later, Shannon knocked on the door and entered. She placed a letter on his desk respectfully. “ President Lynch, Director Luna asked me to pass this to you.” With that, the woman turned and almost fled out of his office.

Joshua frowned and picked up the letter. He thought after the dispute with Luna this morning, she would send him a resignation letter in a fit of anger. But unexpectedly…

When he opened the letter, two thousand dollars and a slip of paper fell out of the letter.

‘I looked into it, a night’s stay at the hotel costs 1750. I’ll give you 2000, the rest is hush money, as a reward for you in keeping our secret.’

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