Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy – Chapter 545

In the office of the design department, Shannon McCartney and a few other female employees were busy engaging in gossip.

“Theo Allen, the great artist looks much better in person than he does on television! He really has the demeanor of an artist, Director Luna is so lucky! “

“And previously the President’s wife suspected that Director Luna had feelings for President Lynch… It turned out Director Luna and Mr. Theo Allen had gotten together a long time ago! “

“Exactly, Director Luna is a designer, of course, she would fall for an artist like Theo. Even if the President is rich, handsome, and charming, he definitely isn’t Director Luna’s type…”

The moment Joshua walked through the door, he heard the low rumble of the women’s discussion. He huffed angrily, expression cold, “Is that true?“

At the sound of his voice, the entire office fell deadly silent, so quiet that they could almost hear the sound of a pin dropping.

Shannon raised her head stiffly, saw Joshua’s expression and her eyes filled with terror. “President President Lynch.”

“You’re gossiping about your superiors during office hours?“ His expression remained cold, then he turned and glanced at Lucas who had been following behind him all along. “Record their names, deduct half of their year-end bonus.” With that, Joshua raised his legs and headed in the direction of Luna’s office.

After taking just two steps, behind him, Shannon hurriedly opened her mouth to remind him. ” President Lynch… Mr. Theo Allen and Director Luna are in her office… you…“

Joshua paused slightly in his tracks. A moment later, he turned and smiled faintly at Shannon. “What, I can’t go in when Theo Alle is there? This office belongs to my Lynch Group, it’s not her bedroom! “ With that, he strode over and furiously kicked Luna’s office door open.

In the office, Luna sat in her chair with her head down, while Theo squatted in front of her, facing her directly. Their positions were suspicious, as if they were doing something they should not be doing.

He was met with a sight like this the moment he opened the door. Joshua felt a bunch of furious flames shooting upward from the depths of his chest. He walked up to them and lifted Theo up. “ What are you doing?“

“Joshua Lynch! “ Watching as Joshua lifted Theo up, Luna frowned and hurriedly stood up, grabbing at Joshua’s wrist. “Let go of him! *

“Let go? Why should I?“

Joshua narrowed his eyes, a vicious gaze sweeping over Luna’s face. “He’s trying to engage my female employee in inappropriate activities, during office hours, and in my office. Why should I let go?”

“What inappropriate activities?“ Luna rolled her eyes. “Some paint splattered onto my skirt, Theo is just helping me clean it since I hurt my shoulder! “

Joshua paused and unconsciously looked toward Luna’s skirt. As she said, there was indeed a fairly large paint stain on her skirt. He frowned, then let go of Theo’s collar.

“Does Mr. Lynch care so deeply about every single one of your female employees?” Theo lowered his head, elegantly smoothing out his clothes, and looked at Joshua with faint, emotion less eyes. “We were just cleaning up a stain, but even if I did do something with my girlfriend… you don’t have the right to question us, do you, Mr. Lynch?“ He intentionally emphasized the words ‘my girlfriend ‘, declaring sovereignty over Luna in front of Joshua.

The pressure of the surrounding atmosphere in the office was so low it was getting difficult to breathe.

A moment later, Joshua lifted his lips in a faint smile. He turned and sat down on the couch in a lazy yet somehow elegant gesture. “Even if the two of you are boyfriend and girlfriend…“

He lowered his eyes, making a show of looking at the time on his wristwatch. “It’s now office hours. I don’t think Mr. Theo Allen is an employee of the Lynch Group, right?“

“That’s right, he isn’t an employee of the Lynch Group, “ Luna laughed softly then stood in front of Theo, blocking him from Joshua. “But he is now my assistant.”

Joshua lifted his eyebrows.

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