Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy – Chapter 547

Theo had meant for Joshua to hear this, but above all, it was meant for Luna.

Luna, who had been standing behind him all this while, paled as soon as she heard this. “Theo, what on earth are you talking about?”

She and Theo had come to a mutual agreement that they would only pretend to be a couple in public.
However, in reality, they would only remain friends.

They just had to make it past this short period of time. Then, as soon as the media got tired of them and moved on to something else, they would pretend to break up and end this relationship. What was Theo doing, saying all this to Joshua?

Was Theo unaware that if everyone found out about his stint as an assistant at Lynch Group, his career would suffer a blow?

“I’m perfectly calm right now. “ Theo smirked and fixed his gaze on Joshua. “When will my welcoming party be, Mr. Lynch? How many reporters are you planning to invite?“

He slammed his phone down onto the desk and continued saying, “I can contact and invite some more reporters from overseas if you need help. I’m even willing to pay for it myseif so that this party will be the most extravagant one the public has ever seen.

“I want everyone to know that from today onwards, Luna belongs to me, and me only. Any other men apart from me should stay away from her! “ Theo narrowed his eyes an Joshua. “Especially those who already have a family of their own.“

Joshua clenched his fists and glared at Theo, a disdainful smirk playing on his lips. “Are you really that desperate, to the point where you’re willing to b e a third wheel?”

Theo glowered at him but did not respond. Joshua shifted into a more comfortable position,

took out his phone, and started toying around with him. “Since you’re together with Luna now, has she ever told you how many times she and I have slept together? Has she ever told you how she tried to seduce me in the past??”

The entire room fell silent. Theo bit down on his lips, trying to suppress his anger.

He knew that Luna’s real identity was Luna Gibson, Joshua’s ex-wife. Naturally, he also knew what Luna was going through right now.

The reason Theo was falling more and more in love with Luna was that he knew how many hardships she had been through!

She was heartbroken after Joshua’s betrayal, to the extent that she would rather change her appearance and assume a new identity altogether!

After giving birth to the triplets, Luna should have been able to start her new life abroad. However, because of Nigel’s condition, she had no choice but to return to Banyan City and return to the man who had hurt her.

Theo knew that Luna and Joshua had slept together multiple times now. Even though this was the cold hard truth, he could not stand just how nonchalantly Joshua brought this up.

Theo lifted his head and whispered through gritted teeth, “How dare you talk about her like that? Do you think the love and admiration a woman has for you is some sort of bragging right?”

Joshua squinted his eyes and snickered, “Love? Admiration?” He turned around and fixated his steely gaze on Luna. “I used to think she loved me as well. However, now I finally realized the truth; she’s just a shameless woman.“

Joshua lifted his head and shot Theo a glance. “ Maybe artists’ brains are built differently from normal people’s. Otherwise, why else would a person voluntarily become a third wheel?”

Theo clenched his fists so hard that his knuckles cracked. “If you don’t appreciate and protect her, someone else willl “ “Are you that someone?” Joshua smirked, stood up slowly, and strode over to Luna.

Luna could not help but take a step back when she sensed the anger that seemed to envelop Joshua. She frowned and asked warily, “Joshua, what are you…”

Before she could finish, however, Joshua pressed his lips against hers.

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