Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy – Chapter 549

Luna frowned and was about to ask Joshua further when the car suddenly jerked. She felt another twinge of pain shot down her body, and curled herself up into a ball.

Luna felt like she was about to pass out at any minute now due to the excruciating pain.

However, just before she lost consciousness, she heard Joshua sigh and say, “I don’t want to… see you two together.“ When Luna finally came to, she discovered that she was in the hospital.

Joshua was sitting next to her with a sullen expression on his face.

Luna rubbed her eyebrows and slowly propped herself up on the bed. Joshua saw this and immediately helped her up. “Does it still hurt?”

Luna shook her head.

“Do you really care about Theo that much?” Joshua frowned as soon as he took in her pale, sickly face. “ You’re willing to jump in and take the blow for him, even if it means you get hurt again? If I hadn’t seen her and stopped at the last second, your shoulder would probably be paralyzed now! “

Luna did not understand why Joshua was so furious. She chuckled and asked, “Why are you so angry, Mr. Lynch? You and Theo got into a fight because of me,

so of course I had to jump in. Besides, Theo is my boyfriend. Who else would I protect, if not him? Should I have protected you instead? The man who tried to frame and hurt me?*

Joshua’s expression darkened, and he immediately grabbed hold of Luna’s chin, forcing her to look directly into his dark eyes. “Since when did I frame and hurt you?“

Joshua thought Luna was getting more and more outrageous! He had known since the start that Luna had an ulterior motive for approaching him. Anyone who tried to get close to him in the past would give up in the end because Joshua always ended up outsmarting them.

However, Luna was different.

Joshua did not care what her motives were, and he did not hold a grudge against her for having kidnapped Neil and Nellie in the past. He did not even hold anything against her even though she had humiliated him in front of everyone multiple times!

However, this time, Luna was the one in the wrong. She had approached him and gotten into a complicated relationship with him, but at the same time, she cheated on him with Theo. How dare she accuse him of trying to frame and hurt her?

Joshua could not recall when he hurt her, apart from his punch just now.
He had never attempted to frame her either!

Luna could not help but sneer when she saw the anger on Joshua’s face and the fury in his tone. “Are you saying I misunderstood you?“ She took out her

phone, pulled up the video of her and Theo being surrounded by reporters at the hotel entrance, and showed it to Joshua.

“Mr. Lynch, you’re a smart man. I don’t think I have to explain further. The hotel that we stayed at last night was near the amusement park, and most of the people who stay there are visitors to the park.

‘The amusement park’s grand opening was originally scheduled for yesterday, but you delayed their opening by one week because of Neil and Nellie. Therefore, when we stayed at the hotel last night, there weren’t many people around apart from the workers. How, then, could so many reporters arrive at such a desolate place on the outskirts of the city? How could they surround Theo and me like this, to the extent that we couldn’t get out at all?

“Would you believe me if I told you the press was there to interview Theo? Of course not. Although

he’s a famous artist, he certainly isn’t so important to the extent that reporters all over the city were clamoring to interview him.“

Joshua frowned and took the phone from Luna, sweeping his glance across the screen.

It was footage of the interview that had enraged him so much that he almost broke his glass, Joshua recognized the setting as at the front door of the hotel.

When he first caught sight of this interview, Joshua had not noticed the background. He was too fixated on listening to Luna and Theo’s public announcement, but now…

Joshua turned around and glanced at Luna. “Do you think I was the one who alerted the media and sent them after you?”

Luna curled her lips into a cold sneer, ”! don’t know if anyone else is capable of doing this, apart from you, Mr. Lynch.”

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