Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy – Chapter 551

“What’s wrong? Theo stood up as soon as he noticed Luna’s peculiar expression. “Does your wound hurt? Are you upset because you don’t want to meet my parents?“

An alarmed expression flashed across Theo’s face. “If you don’t want to meet them, I can give them a call right away…“

Luna shook her head. “No, it’s not that. “ She lifted her head to gaze at him and said, “Can we have dinner someplace else instead? It’s just that I…don’t like Bamboo Palace.”

Luna was worried that she would run into Joshua during dinner. If they bumped into each other this night, Luna feared Joshua would cause a scene and humiliate Theo in front of his parents.

“Oh, is that it?“ Theo’s face lit up almost immediately, and he stood up. “That’s easy! My parents’ plane will be landing at Banyan City Airport in an hour. I’ll pick them up now and ask them to change the venue to someplace else.“

Theo shot Luna an excited glance and added, “You… You’d better dress up! I ‘Il send you the address of the new venue ina while! “ Luna could not help laughing when she saw how thrilled Theo was. “Alright.”

An hour later, she received a text message from Theo. (My parents told me the reason why they wanted to meet you at the Bamboo Paiace is that they had a business meeting there. Don’t worry! I tald them you live too far away fram there, so they discussed with the other party and agreed to change the venue to the restaurant beneath Starhill Hotel.]

Theo even sent her a smiley face along with another message that read, (My mom saw a picture of you in the news and even looked through your portfolio. They seem very fond of you! ]

Luna sighed at the texts.

She did not know what to tell Theo. She felt that it was too cruel to keep on emphasizing to him that they were only a fake couple, but if she did not do that…

Luna sighed, picked up her phone, and called Anne. “ Come shopping with me.”

Luna arrived at the Starhill Hotel entrance at 6 p.m. on the dot. She wore a black skirt with a white chiffon top that made her look elegant and ladylike. The breeze picked up a few strands of her long hair, giving her an air of sophistication and charm.

Theo stood at the hotel entrance, and as soon as he saw her getting out of the taxi, his entire body froze, mesmerized. He knew that Luna was gorgeous, but…

She was so stunning that even a simple outfit like that somehow brought out her beauty. He continued to stare at her, awestruck.
Luna caught sight of Theo and waved at him before she sashayed toward him in her high heels.
“Are Mr. and Mrs. Allen inside?“

Theo finally came to after hearing Luna’s voice. He coughed slightly and replied, “Yes.“ He scratched his head somewhat sheepishly and said, “I thought my parents came all the way to Banyan City just to see you, but it turns out they have a business meeting arranged.“

“That’s okay.” Luna held onto Theo’s arm and smiled. “If they had flown over just for me, it would’ve made me feel very guilty.“

Theo sighed, his brows furrowed. Then, he linked hands with Luna and walked into the hotel lobby together.

However, what happened next was beyond their wildest imaginations.

While they waited for the elevator, they heard a familiar voice ring out from behind them, “Joshua, why are we meeting here all of a sudden? I waited at Bamboo Palace for a long time.*

As soon as Alice finished speaking, Joshua’s voice rang out, “Maybe they didn’t like Bamboo Palace.“

Luna’s mind went blank. She glanced in the direction of the voices from out of the corner of her eye.

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