Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy – Chapter 554

Luna frowned and met Joshua’s gaze. “What do you think, Mr. Lynch?“ Joshua stared at Luna’s face and recalled what Jude had said to him earlier this afternoon…

“Anything can happen, but I do hope that beautiful employee of yours isn’t Hailey Walter. Otherwise, it’d be disgusting to know that you slept with the woman you hate the most, multiple times.“

Joshua continued to stare at Luna stiffly. Eight years ago was indeed the first time Hailey ever met Luna Gibson.

Theo seemed to detect the hostility in Joshua’s eyes and immediately interjected, “Aren’t you here to talk business with my parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lynch? Why don’t we discuss that now? We have plenty of time to catch up in the future.“

Alice feared Luna would accidentally say something to expose her, so she hastily agreed with Theo. “He’s right. Mr. and Mrs. Allen are here today to talk business. Please, don’t let our chatter interfere with your work progress! *

Joshua narrowed his eyes and glanced at Luna one more time before he finally turned around to talk to Nathan. After a while, they started to discuss the ore extraction process as well as negotiate prices. Alice did not understand anything, Theo did not want to, and Luna refused to have anything to do with Joshua.

Therefore, the six peaple within the room got split

into two distinctive groups: three discussing business, while the other three dug into their meal.

Seeing that Joshua was focused on his conversation, Alice smiled and pretended to adjust Luna’s shirt button, but she whispered underneath her breath threateningly, “Watch what you speak! If you dare to expose me, I ‘Il make you and your two kids pay for this!”

Luna chuckled softly and retorted in a half-whisper, “How will you do that, Ms. Walter? Are you going to ask your father, who’s stuck in prison, to come after me, or are you going to use your bankrupt family’s money to make my life miserable?”

A flash of anger passed through Alice’s gaze. “Luna! Just because the Walters are bankrupt now doesn’t mean I can’t make your life a living hell!

“Let me be very honest with you. Yesterday, when your two children were sent abroad… I convinced Joshua to assign some people over to protect them. Do you want to guess how many of these bodyguards are secretly the Walters’ men?”

Luna faltered at that. “You’ve assigned spies among Joshua’s men?”

“No, I didn’t .” Alice lowered her voice and hovered close to Luna’s ear. “Did you forget that Joshua’s father…is my beloved Uncle Adrian?”

Luna bit down on her lip and glared at Alice. “He wouldn’t dare do anything to his grandchildren!”

Alice snorted in indignation, then straightened up gracefully and said to the rest of the people with a smile, “I always thought Theo was just a famous artist, but I never thought you have such a well- established family business as well! “You’re so lucky, Luna! Although…“ She turned around and glanced at Celeste. “The Allens are very fortunate to have Luna as well. Luna is a talented jewelry designer, and you own a family business supplying precious ores to jewelry companies.
That sounds like fate! “

Celeste was so delighted to hear those words that she grinned from ear to ear. “That’s right! Theo and Luna are a match made in heaven! “

Alice curled her lips into a faint smile. “If I were you, Mrs. Allen, I’d set a date for Luna and Theo’s wedding right now. The sooner you settle it, the better, right?”

As soon as she heard that, Celeste immediately exchanged glances with Nathan before shoving a jewelry box into Theo’s hand, and Nathan stood up eagerly. “Since it’s so merry here tonight, I ‘d like to invite Mr. and Mrs. Lynch to be witnesses.
Our entire family sincerely hopes that Ms. Luna will be willing to marry our son! “

“What if…“ Joshua crossed his legs lazily as soon as Nathan finished his sentence. “What if I’m not willing to be a witness to this? In fact, I don’t approve of this marriage at all.”

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