Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy – Chapter 555

The entire room grew silent as Joshua’s words hung in the air.

After a long pause, Nathan smiled and said, “What are you talking about, Mr. Lynch? We’re going to become work partners soon.
Plus, your wife is close friends with Luna. Isn’t this marriage meant to be? Why are you— “

“Because, “ responded Joshua as he pointed his bony finger at Luna, “she’s not a good match.”

The atmosphere in the booth grew so silent that one could hear a pin drop.

The color drained from Luna’s face, but Theo’s expression did not look good either.

Nathan and Celeste looked at one another, bewildered.

“Joshua. Alice frowned and sat down next to Joshua. Then, she lowered her voice and said, “Luna finally managed to find a boyfriend, and both Theo and his parents seem to be very happy with her…

Why are you saying things like this? Do you know what’ll happen if you break up a marriage?“

Although Alice had lowered her voice and appeared to be whispering in Joshua’s ear, everyone heard her.

At first glance, there did not seem to be anything wrong with what Alice said. However, upon further scrutiny, she implied that there was something wrong with Luna’s character, which led to her having a hard time finding a boyfriend.

Celeste furrowed her brows at Alice’s words. She lifted her head to glance at Luna, then at Alice.
Meanwhile, Nathan’s expression darkened. ’Mr. Lynch, you claim that Luna isn’t a good match. Can you elaborate?”

“There’s no reason!” Theo immediately stood up and interjected, “Luna works for Lynch Group. Mr. Lynch was just worried that if Luna and I got married, she wouldn’t want to work for him anymore, and he’d lose a valued employee.”

With that, he opened the jewelry box spitefully, displaying the exquisite, priceless diamond ring within.

Luna immediately recognized the ring. This was the first ring she had made with her bare hands while she was abroad. At that time, she had sold this ring for an exorbitant price to pay Malcolm back for all the help he had provided her. Therefore, to Luna, this ring held a lot of sentimental value.

This ring, after all, belonged to Theo…

Luna could tell that the Allens had prepared in advance before their visit to Banyan City. Not only did they spend a lot of money, but they had put in the effort to track this ring down for her.

Theo’s words managed to convince the Allens otherwise, and Nathan immediately grinned. “Ms. Luna, please accept this gift.
We found out that this was the first ring you ever made yourself, so we tracked it down and decided to give it to you as your engagement gift. We hope that this ring will remind you to always stay true to your heart.“

Celeste smiled at her. “That’s right, Ms. Luna. The diamond stone on this ring is just as beautiful and pure as you are.” Joshua snickered as soon as Celeste finished her sentence. “Pure?” He lifted his head to gaze at Luna. “Da you think you deserve this?”

Luna clenched her fists in anger. She knew that Joshua would try to humiliate her at every chance he got! She narrowed her eyes and met his gaze. “Why don’t you tell me what you think, Mr. Lynch? What makes you think I’m not pure?

“Did I cheat on my wife, or did I refuse to admit the truth and instead continue to pretend like I’m a faithful partner?“ Joshua’s expression darkened. He continued to stare at Luna’s face and snarled through gritted teeth, “ The only thing I know is that a promiscuous woman such as yourself doesn’t deserve to be called pure! “

Celeste and Nathan’s faces paled upon hearing this. They immediately turned around to stare at Theo. “ Theo, this…” “He’s talking nonsense! Luna is a pure and honest person! She’s a perfect match for our family! “ Theo clenched his teeth, took out the ring from the jewelry box, and tried to put it onto Luna’s finger.

However, the more agitated he was, the harder it was for him to slip it onto her finger. Finally, Luna drew back her hand and said, “Theo, it’s okay.”

“Luna… “ Theo bit down on his lip and was about to say something, but before he cauld do so, Luna stood up. She approached Nathan and Celeste and gave them both a respectful bow. “Theo and I are just dating. I’ve never considered the idea of marrying him.”

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