Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy – Chapter 556

As soon as they heard that, Celeste and Nathan turned to one another.

“Besides, Mr. Lynch is right.“ Luna let out an exhale. “I ‘m not a good match for Theo. He’s such a kind and gentle person; I don’t think I deserve him at all. I thought tonight was just a small family dinner, but I didn’t expect an engagement to come out of this.
I’m sorry.“

With that, Luna turned around. However, just as she was about to leave, she paused as if she had recalled something and took a step back.

“Mr. Lynch.” Luna slowly approached Joshua and smiled at him. “Are you happy now?” Joshua snorted in indignation and gently set down the cup at hand. “Yes, I am.“

Luna stared at him, and a glimmer of malice flashed across her eyes. A second later, a smack landed on Joshua’s face before he could even react.

Luna had given him such a forceful blow that his face was struck to one side from the impact.

Luna drew back her throbbing hand and chided, “ Anyone can think I’m impure and promiscuous, but you, Mr. Lynch? You have no right. “ With that, she turned around to leave.

“Luna! “ Alice immediately grabbed onto Luna’s wrist and leaped out of her seat in a fury. “How dare you slap Joshua? Have you forgotten he’s still your boss? You haven’t married into the Allen family yet! “

Luna flung Alice’s hand away. “If you want to fire me, go ahead! “

She teft the room with a huff and slammed the door behind her.

Meanwhile, Nathan and Celeste watched everything unfold in silence.

Theo put down the box and tumed around to chase after Luna, but Nathan stopped him before he could do so.
“What’s wrong with that woman?“ he asked coldly.

Theo clenched his teeth. “Luna’s not that kind of person at alll It’s all just rumors! *

“There’s always a grain of truth in every rumor, “ sneered Nathan. “If she’s genuinely innocent, why would anyone spread lies and rumors about her?” He pressed Theo’s hand forcefully against the table. “I forbid you fram seeing that woman again before we get to the bottom of this! No woman is worth losing so much over! “

On the other side of the table, Alice had found some ice and gently pressed them against Joshua’s cheek. “ Joshua, how dare she behave like that? Can’t we find another designer to take over this project? You should get rid of her. An employee who dares to beat their boss isn’t worth keeping…“

Joshua did not respond. Instead, he stared at a distance, his eyes narrowed.

After Alice had finished putting ice on Joshua’s face, Celeste approached her cautiously and asked, “Mrs. Lynch, you’re friends with Luna. You… You should know what kind of person she is, right?”

“She…” Alice paused, feigning embarrassment, and finally let out a sigh. “That’s Luna’s personal business. I don’t have a say in anything at all. She’s a very gifted designer, and I’ll have to give her that. I agreed to this marriage because I thought it’d be beneficial to both parties in terms of business.

However, Luna’s private life is…*

Alice sighed again and added, “I thought that since you’re all artists, you’d be more open-minded and wouldn’t care much about things like this…“

The color drained from Celeste’s face as soon as she heard that. She turned around and glanced at Nathan.

“Let’s go home, now! “ Nathan announced as he grabbed Theo’s collar. “I farbid you to see that woman ever again! “ He then shot Joshua an apologetic look and said, “ I’m so sorry you had to see that, Mr. Lynch.”

Joshua closed his eyes and waved his hand as a dismissive farewell. After the three of them left, Alice continued to sit next to Joshua for a while.

“Joshua, it’s getting late now. Why don’t we go home now?” she asked coyly as she laid in Joshua’s arms.
Joshua closed his eyes and recalled the look in Luna’s eyes when she had slapped him.

Despair, anger, hatred.

That was the first time Luna had ever looked at him like that…

Suddenly, Joshua’s phone rang. It was a call from Lucas.

“Sir, Luna’s on the Bay Bridge right now! Is she considering…suicide?”

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