Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy – Chapter 557

Joshua felt as though his blood had run cold. He gripped his phone tightly and enunciated slowly, “ That’s impossible.“

“But…“ Lucas’ frantic voice rang out from the other end of the line. “She climbed onto the railing of Bay Bridge! Sir…should I call the police?“

Joshua had tried to compose himself, but as soon as he heard that, his calm facade crumbled. He roared into the phone, “Keep an eye on her! *

With that, he hung up the phone and stormed out of the room.

“Joshua… Josh—* By the time Alice finally came to, Joshua had already disappeared around the end of the hallway.

She was so furious that she immediately smashed the tableware onto the floor.

Luna! That b*tch!

If she wanted to die, they should just let her be!

She deserved to die! She should have died six years ago!

Joshua came out of the hotel lobby and hopped into his car. He harshly stepped on the gas pedal and sped toward Bay Bridge as fast as his car could go.

He finally realized why Luna had stared at him like that.

She hated him so much that she wanted to take her life!

No… He could not let her die!

Starhill Hotel was more than ten minutes away from Bay Bridge, but Joshua managed to arrive within five minutes. When he finally arrived, he saw Luna still sitting on the railing.

She had taken off her shoes and removed her jacket, sitting barefoot on the railing as she gazed at the night sky in the distance.

As soon as Joshua got out of the car, Lucas approached him and whispered next to his ear, “ She’s been sitting there ever since I called you. I didn’t dare get close or peep a single word lest I trigger her by accident…”

Joshua frowned and gazed at Luna’s chiseled side — profile. She was so beautiful that it neared perfection,

However, at that moment, her eyes were etched with despair, helplessness, and doubt, as if…recalling some distant memory.

Luna was indeed reminiscing.

She sat on the railing as she stared out at the sea in the distance.

Many years ago, she had ended up in her accident with Joshua’s driver and plummeted into the ocean right at this very spot.
This was also where Malcolm’s ship had rescued her and led her to start a new life away from Banyan City.

This was the place where she and Joshua’s lives veered off in different directions.

Luna sat on the railing and lamented her fate. She had survived a car crash, facial disfiguration,

childbirth, and plastic surgery. All of this led her to her new life abroad.

Even though it was not easy, Luna still managed to persevere through these hardships, one by one.

What she currently experienced paled in comparison.

She should not have been so upset by this. She should not have cared so much.
“Are you going to jump?” Suddenly, a low voice rang out next to her.

The voice that rang out of the blue startled her, causing her entire body to jolt, tipping her slightly in the direction of the water,

“Be carefull “ Joshua’s hand immediately grabbed her wrist and pressed her down against the railing. As soon he made sure she was safe, he roared, “Why are you so upset by this? It’s just a little hiccup. Are you that desperate to marry Theo?*

Luna froze. Did Joshua think she wanted to end herself? She smirked and swung his hand away. “Don’t worry —I won’t die. You’ll probably die before me.”

Joshua, who had done sa many despicable things, was still alive. How could she kill herself over such an insignificant matter?

Joshua felt like laughing. “Well, if you’re not going to jump, what are you doing here? Admiring the view?”

Luna smirked. “Why? What’s wrong with that?” She lifted her head to gaze at the water beneath her. “ This seems like a very suitable place to dump a dead body.”

She turned around to look at Joshua. “Isn’t that right, Mr. Lynch?”

Luna was trying to get Joshua to recall that this was the exact place where he had attempted to murder her.

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