Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy – Chapter 56

Luna laughed bitterly and shook her head as she shrugged off the messy thoughts.

How could Joshua be lonely? She was the lonely one all these years.

She turned around and continued to make Nellie her oats.

Unintentionally, she saw her reflection on the metal stove. At that moment, her facial features were intricate and unique. She was so beautiful that it was almost flawless, yet she could no longer feel any happiness.

For the next few days, Luna tried to avoid appearing in front of Joshua. One was because of the previous incident; she had no energy to pretend to be friendly with Joshua. Also, Joshua has started doubting her relationship with Luna Gibson. She had to try her best to make herself as small as possible so he would ignore her.

However, everyone in Blue Bay Villa noticed Luna trying to distance herself from Joshua.

Some of the older servants lectured her, “Luna, remember your place. You’re a servant, and you’re here to serve Mr. Lynch.
Wipe that rude face off.”

“You’ll be easily fired this way. I’ve been working in Blue Bay Villa for so many years, and never have I seen a servant with such an attitude.”

“Luna, don’t think that only you can take care of Ms. Nellie. You’re not irreplaceable.“

Luna did not know that Joshua instructed the servants to say such things, but no matter what they said, she was not willing to change.

Nellie noticed something was off with Luna. She asked Neil what happened to her Mommy.

Neil gave an official answer, “It must be the previous incident. Mommy probably realized that it wasn’t that easy to split the scumbag and that b*tch apart, so she’s wallowing in selfloathing. Dan’t worry; things will pass in time. Women’s emotions come and go quickly. ”

Neil did not expect, however, that Luna would remain in such a state for almost an entire week.

For that whole week, Luna treated Joshua as air.

Other than the necessary things she needed to say to Joshua, she barely spoke another word to him. She was so obedient that it was nauseating.

Sitting in his study, Joshua’s brows furrowed as he looked at the documents in front of him, yet Luna’s expressionless face was on his mind. He could not process a single word he read.

For the past few days, Luna did her work exceptionally well and took good care of Nellie, but every time he appeared, her expressions would instantly change!

Nellie even asked him whether he made her angry.
Since when did he make her angry? It was more like the other way around! Also, Joshua was the master of the house, and

she was nothing but a lowly servant. Even if Joshua did something which made her unhappy, she had to bear it!

How could this woman so boldly ignore him? Did she not have other intentions toward him? Was she pretending to give up, or was she giving up for real?

This was the first time Joshua was treated this way. No matter how he looked at it, he was uncomfortable.
In the end, he coldly dialed Lucas, “Get Luna to bring me coffee.”

Lucas, on the other end of the call, was silent for a while. “Sir, you already made her make you coffee twice tonight. Are you sure you want a third cup? “

“Then get her to make me tea! ” Joshua gritted his teeth. “No matter what, make her busy! “

Was she unwilling to talk to him? He would force her until she did so!

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