Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy – Chapter 561

“Took her life…?* Theo’s anger dissipated the moment he heard Joshua’s words. He no longer felt like arguing with Joshua.

He turned around and grabbed Luna’s arms. “Luna, why did you… Why did you attempt to end yourself? Was it because of what my parents said last night? Was it something else…? What’s wrong?“

Theo shook Luna so harshly that she grew light- headed. Then, after a moment, she furrowed her brows feebly. “I’m fine. I’m just…“

“Theo! “ a shrill voice abruptly interrupted Luna. She frowned and glanced in the direction where the voice had come from.
A black BMW was parked by the side of the road. Celeste and Nathan frantically got out of the car and sprinted in their direction.

“Theo, as soon as we discovered you were gone, we knew you had snuck out to find that b*tch! “ Celeste grabbed Theo’s arm and pulled him to her side. “ What did you promise me last night? You promised me you wouldn’t get in touch with that b*tch ever again! Why did you come here to find her?*

Nathan shot Luna a stern look. “Ms. Luna, I thought that after what happened last night, you’d be dignified enough to stay away from Theo. Seems like I thought of you too highly. “ He condescendingly added, “I do have to admit that it’s not entirely your fault, however. How could a promiscuous gold— digger like you resist the temptation? Although we’re not as rich as Mr. Lynch, it’s still more than enough to keep you satisfied.”

“Dad! “ Theo frowned and flung his mother’s hand away. He sidled in front of Luna, blocking her from the rest. “How could you say something like this? Didn’t I explain everything to you last night? Luna isn’t that kind of person at all! How dare you even insult her like this?”

Celeste’s blood boiled as soon as she heard Theo defending Luna.

Theo was her only son, so it was natural that she wanted nothing but the best for him. Yesterday, when she saw the news, she even researched Luna to understand better what kind of person she was.

Initially, she was very pleased with this future daughter-in-law, but everything had changed.

Beautiful women were never faithful!

Celeste recalled her conversation with Alice last night and grew even more outraged.

This woman was so shameful that she even dared to seduce her best friend’s husband. This was unacceptable! Celeste stomped toward Luna with an air of fury. “ You b*tch! Would it kill you not to seduce other men like this?”

With that, she raised her palm in the air and swung it towards Luna’s face—

A slender, bony hand caught Celeste’s wrist in mid-air.

“Mrs. Allen.” Joshua curled his lips into a smirk. “ How dare you even assault my employee right in front of my office building? Don’t you think that’s very disrespectful toward me?”

Celeste’s eyes widened in shock. She never expected that Joshua would stick up for Luna like that.

He had been the first to accuse Luna of not being good enough for Theo last night. Moreover, he was also the one who exposed Luna’s promiscuity! Why was he…

“Mrs. Allen.” Joshua flung her hand away and stepped in front of Luna, guarding her behind his lean body. “This is the entrance of Lynch Group Tower, not someplace where you can cause a scene whenever you like.”

Celeste’s face turned white, then scarlet.

Theo frowned, lunged forward, and immediately grabbed Celeste. “Mom, what are you doing?” “Mr. Lynch.”

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