Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy – Chapter 563

Joshua could not help but smirk when he heard what Nathan had said. He turned around to look at him. “I t seems as though you’re unaware that we’re buying these gemstones from you upon Luna’s request, Mr. Allen.

“According to Lynch Group’s senior executives, we can always change the materials used for this project to diamonds. However, Luna was the one who insisted on using your gemstones. She thinks they’ll be more suitable for her designs. If you want to forfeit our contract, I can convince Luna to change her mind and use diamonds for her products instead, but…”

Joshua stared at Nathan with a steely look. “Are you sure you want to do that, Mr. Allen? I ‘m afraid you don’t want to find out the consequences of offending Lynch Group and any of its employees. “

Nathan’s face turned pale, then blushed scarlet. He clenched his fists and stared at Joshua. “Mr. Lynch, I don’t think the two of us should break our contract over a woman.”

“Look who’s talking,” snapped Joshua. “It’s you who caused a scene in front of my office building so early in the morning, yet you had the audacity to say this?”

Nathan was so affronted by this that he could not answer.

Shooting them a final smirk, Joshua turned around and strode into Lynch Group Tower.

Nathan and Celeste were rooted where they stood, and their faces contorted in rage. They were furious at the way they were treated. However, they did not dare to offend such a big corporation as Lynch Group, so they had no choice but to relent.

“Dad, Mom! ” Theo shot his parents a somewhat helpless glance. ”! already told you that Luna isn’t the kind of person you think she is, but you didn’t listen to me at all, and now you even followed me here! See what happened? Are you happy now that Joshua Lynch has humiliated you in public like this?”

“Shut up!” Nathan was still irate from his encounter with Joshua and immediately vented his anger toward Theo. “You can have any woman in the world, yet you chose that b*tch Luna and even announced your relationship on television ! If our relatives find out about her, you’ll embarrass both of us! Let’s go home, right now! ”

With that, he grabbed Theo by his collar and dragged him into the car.

Celeste sighed when she saw the way her husband and son were behaving. She took out her phone and typed a message to Alice.

(Ms. Lync, we’re at the front door of Lynch Group Tower right now. I was about to slap Luna on your behalf, but Mr. Lynch stopped me. I believe what you said about Luna seducing Mr. Lynch now, but… He’s forbidden us to enter Lynch Group Tower now, and he threatened to forfeit our contract. We can’t do anything about Luna. What do you think we should do next?)

Blue Bay Villa.

Alice stared at Celeste’s message and gritted her teeth in anger.

She narrowed her eyes and gripped her phone tightly.

Last night, she had called Joshua to ask where he was. He had lied to her, saying that he worked overnight at the office when, in reality, he had spent the entire night in the hospital with Luna!

He was even willing to forfeit his contract with the Allens just for her!

Even though the Allens were not a big company, they were one of the few corporations who possessed the rights to mine this particular ore that Lynch Group needed. Therefore, many companies clamored to do business with them. Lynch Group had to fight tooth and nail just to get this opportunity to work with them.

Alice could not beliave that Joshua was willing to lose the Allens’ business just for Luna!

She let out an exhale and typed a reply to Celeste, her hands shaking, (What a surprise.]

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