Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy – Chapter 61

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 61 Zach and Yuri looked at each other, then they looked at Joshua rather embarrassingly. “Mr. Lynch, it’s almost eight at night, and our boss is just a kid. He should be in bed already.”

“So, perhaps…“

Joshua’s cold gaze swept across Zach’s face. “Didn’t you say he was just chatting online with you two?*

The two of them looked at each other once more before they helplessly dialed Neil and told him how Joshua wanted to meet with him.

“Sure. “ Neil smiled coldly as he sat on the balcony in Anne’s house.

Nellie called a moment ago and told him how the scumbag fought with their Mommy, yet that scumbag demanded to meet him at that moment?

Oh, the ways he could avenge Mommy!

At that thought, Neil hung up the phone and ran to the kitchen. He took a bottle of Sprite and a pineapple out from the fridge. He juiced the pineapple, mixed them with Sprite, and added some other special ingredients. He then poured the

concoction into a cup and headed downstairs with it.

Neil only waited for a while downstairs when a black Maserati came over.

The backseat door opened to reveal a man’s cold, hardened expression.

Joshua barely swept a glance at him. “Get in.“

Once Neil got in the backseat, he looked at Joshua mischievously. “Uncle Joshua, why are you looking for me at this late hour?”

His gaze remained looking ahead, and there were barely any emotions in his eyes. “Do I need a reason?“ “No need, no need.“ Neil rolled his eyes. He was about to open the thermos cup and pretend to take a sip.

His expression then seemed as if he thought of something as he passed the cup to Joshua. “Uncle Joshua, do you want to try some? I made it myself! It tastes amazing! “

Lucas, who was driving, furrowed his brows slightly. This kid has no manners whatsoever! How could Mr. Lynch simply share the same cup with an unfamiliar kid? He was extremely particular about hygiene!

However, what Joshua did the next second made Lucas’ jaw drop to the floor.

Joshua, who was aloof and extremely particular about hygiene, took the cup and downed the drink in one go.

Not a single drop was left.

Lucas was stunned, and so was Neil. Neil wanted to pour some sense into Joshua, but Joshua need not drink so much, He

would surely be hospitalized that night if he drank like that! This was a headache to Neil.

Did scumbags these days not care about their bodies?

‘It’s not bad.“ Joshua glanced at Neil. “Is there more of it?“

Neil was baffled.

‘Mr. Lynch, one cup is enough to send you to the hospital due to gastric, yet you still want more?’ Neil thought.
“Nope, none left.“

“What a pity.“ Joshua returned the cup to Neil then turned to look out of the window.

“Uncle Joshua.”

Neil put the cup behind him. He lifted his head and looked at Joshua’s side profile. “Are you in a bad mood?“ “You can put it that way.”

Joshua’s mind was in a mess. At one moment, he thought of how happy Luna Gibson was when she married him. The next moment, he thought about how cold the other Luna looked when she slapped his face.

He did not know what was going on with him. Things started to go awry when Nellie returned to him.

Joshua previously would never have any impulsive urges toward a maid he only got to know recently, much less talking to a six-year-old about his troubles when he was distraught.

His life seemed to have taken a turn when Nellie arrived. It was on a different path already. Also, Luna Gibson.
The woman he has missed for six years. Where on earth was she?

Neil was confused. According to what Nellie said a moment ago, Joshua was the one that bullied his Mommy. Why was Joshua then one with a worried frown then?

Could the scumbag regret his actions?

“Do you want to hear a story?” Joshua turned around and looked at Neil gently.
He did not know why, but he always felt that he could trust Neil with anything.
Was it because Neil rescued Nellie before?

Joshua could not help but want to get closer to Neil and befriend him.

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