Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy – Chapter 66

“You were the one who wanted to get in my bed and become my woman, yet you refuse to get intimate with me. You drugged me, and you even refused to drink what I drank, “ spoke Joshua as he eyed Luna coldly. “Luna, what on earth are you trying to do?*

His gaze was so overpowering that Luna did not dare look at him. She gently coughed and remained silent with her head lowered.

“According to your previous plans, it’s only right that you drug me, but it shouldn’t be laxative.“ The man’s voice was magnetic and pleasing to the ears.

Luna felt her chest tightened. She bit her lip. “I…“

Joshua shut his eyes and flatly concluded, “Your goal isn’t me, “

“Tell me then, what do you want?” His voice was soft.

Was she trying to pretend to be Luna Gibson? Perhaps she just liked Nellie? These two reasons were not convincing enough on why Luna wanted to stay by his side.

There must be some other reason.

Luna bit her lip. As usual, this man was so sensible that it was terrifying. She did not dare lift her head, and neither did she dare speak. She was afraid that once she opened her mouth, he would be able to guess her identity and her intentions.

The air in the ward was cold and dreary. Joshua looked at Luna while her head remained downcast. They maintained like this for a very long time until Lucas barged in with a bottle labeled as kids’ vitamins.
“Sir, there is only this bottle by her nightstand! “ reported Lucas as he looked at Luna reproachfully.

“How sinister! She filled a bottle of kids’ vitamins with laxatives! What if the little princess saw this and mistook it for vitamins? The consequences would be— * Before Lucas could finish his sentence, what happened next baffled him.

Joshua opened the bottle of vitamins, poured two tablets out, and chewed on them.

Lucas was so stunned that his jaw dropped to the floor!

“Sir… “ He did not know whether to laugh or cry as he looked at Joshua. “Sir, you’ve just been rescued, but why did you…” Joshua ignored Lucas. He poured another two tablets out and popped them in his mouth. “Orange- flavored.“

Lucas was speechless. Laxatives were so advanced these days. They even could come up with fruit- flavored ones! Suddenly, Lucas felt that something was not right. If this was truly the laxatives that Luna used, how could Joshua not notice it when she added them into his tea and coffee?

At that thought, Lucas furrowed his brows and turned to look at Luna. “These aren’t laxatives.

Where did you hide them?* “I think she only has this.“

Joshua gently closed the bottle of vitamins and handed them back to Lucas. “Keep it properly. For Nellie.”

Lucas held on to the bottle in confusion. “Sir, did she hide the laxatives somewhere else?“

Joshua looked at Luna with his deep eyes. “Since she has already admitted that she drugged me, why would she hide the location of the laxatives?*

Lucas was speechless.

“Luna. “ Joshua leaned rather feebly by the head of the bed. Although he was still pale in his face, that stern-looking face was still authoritative.

“The only explanation is you knew who drugged me, but you’re protecting him.”

m not. “ Luna lifted her head and tooked at Joshua fearlessly. “I only had one pill with me. I gave them all to you, so I had no more left.“

She could not let Joshua know about her relationship with Nei. She wanted to return and head back to Joshua’s side alone, but with Nellie around, everything could easily tip over. If Joshua knew about her relationship with Neil…

Neil would be exposed to Joshua! That way, her identity would be exposed sooner or later!

“Do you think I’d buy that?” Joshua looked at Luna flatly. His lips quivered coldly. “What relationship do you have with that little boy?“

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