Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy – Chapter 79

“Granny, you’re the best! “

Aura excitedly passed the box to Granny Lynch. “ Have a look, Granny. This is one of Mr. Y’s designs. It’s the same series as the necklace on your neck.

Isn’t it beautiful?*

“It is beautiful.“ Granny Lynch loved the necklace. Inexplicably, Luna the maid’s words rang in her ears suddenly.

‘But, the fake necklace on your neck is probably worth much less than a million, right?”

Granny Lynch furrowed her brows and looked at Aura somewhat uncomfortably. “Aura, is your necklace. ..a fake?”

Mr. Y was a jewelry designer who had made a name for himself abroad in the past two years. His fame was second only to the famous designer Moon. Mr. Y had left the jewelry industry so abruptly, however. His designs were obsolete, hence the prices of his jewelry have gone up from the initial million-dollar mark to more than lo million dollars.

Granny Lynch had seen the news, that was why she would give Luna a million dollars on Aura’s behalf.

However, what Luna said the day before was like a prick in her heart. Every time she recalled it, she became incredibly uncomfortable.

Could this necklace be…fake?

No matter how generous Aura was, she was just a relatively famous person in the entertainment industry. How could she afford to give her gifts worth more than 10 millions dollars?

Sensing Granny Lynch’s suspicion, Aura cleared her throat and smiled. “That’s funny, Granny. How can this necklace be fake? It took a lot of effort to get someone to help me bid it from an auction.


Aura shamelessly buttered up to her. “you are a person who has seen lots of jewelry. I’m sure you’d know better than me whether the jewelry is real or fake, right?”

“This is real.”

“I care too much for Joshua, so I want to give you the best!” Aura’s attitude was sincere.

Granny Lynch furrowed her brows hesitantly. If she was to say the necklace was a fake, she could not pinpoint where or why it was. It was only what Luna said that made her uncomfortable.

It was not that she believed what Luna said, but Aura would usually give her cheaper gifts. Receiving such an expensive gift from her all of a sudden was quite unbelievable.

However, perhaps it could be like what she said, that it was because she cared for Joshua?

At that thought, Granny smiled. “I’m just casually asking. I’m not doubting you.”

Aura let out a sigh of relief. “Mmh! Granny, don’t worry. I’ll prepare a better gift for you for your birthday! I’m still getting someone to help me took for Mr. Y’s most precious jewelry! I should be getting them soon! “

Upon her words, Granny Lynch suspected her no more. “You’re spending too much on me.“

“Granny! We’ll be family soon! There’s no such thing as spending too much.“

As she came out of the Lynch Mansion, Aura immediately brought out her phone. “Granny Lynch is suspicious, and we can’t use a fake anymore. We shouldn’t be using a fake during her birthday, at least. Try to get me a real one.”

“What?“ The woman on the other end of the call curtly harrumphed. “She’s almost eighty! How could she know the difference? Furthermore, Mr. Y’s designs are extremely expensive, and you can buy two houses with a necklace. Are you sure you want to buy them?”

Aura bit her lip.

Although she had some money from being Joshua’s fiancée and she was somewhat famous in the entertainment industry, a piece of jewelry that cost more than lo million dollars was a little too lavish for her, what more giving them to an 80-year-old woman.

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