Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy – Chapter 90

Luna smiled at the nurse faintly and returned to her bed, and she was then pushed out of the intensive care unit.

“Yes. The nurse sighed and added, “I’ve long heard that Mr. Lynch remains deeply in love with his ex- wife, and I thought it was fake. After all, he got engaged with his ex-wife’s sister not long after her death. How deeply in love could he be with her? Now, it looks like. ..he truly loves his ex-wife.“

Luna was leaning by the head of the bed as she listened to the nurse talking. She could not help but sneer.

She guessed that this must be the results Joshua was looking for. He wanted everyone to think he was deeply in love with Luna Gibson. He told his lie for so long that he was deeply engrossed in it.

He kept saying that he did not allow anyone to mention Luna Gibson or hurt her.

However, back then, he was the one who hurt her the most.
Luna closed her eyes and sighed. She lifted her head. “How long was I unconscious for?“ “Two days.“

“Did anyone visit me?“ “Yes, the nurse replied as she switched the IV drip. “A little boy and his godmother came to visit you.”

Then, the nurse smiled at Luna. “The little boy is rather handsome. If I have a daughter, I ‘d want her to marry him when they’re alder! *

Luna chuckled gently. “Was there anybody else?“

“Ah, there’s that little girl, too. She came together with her great-grandmother,” added the nurse while she inserted a needle into Luna’s arteries.

Luna furrowed her brows. “What? A little girl and her great-grandmother?“

“Yes. The great -grandmother looked rather fierce, but she was very nice to the little girl, treating her as her precious baby.“

Luna almost saw black. Other than Granny Lynch, who else could it be?

That meant that Granny Lynch knew of Nellie’s existence already. Soon, the entire Lynch family would hear about it.

By then, even if she fully executed her plans, it would be hard to take Nellie away.

Just when Luna was in despair, a little girl’s dissatisfied voice came from the corridors. “Why did you have to split them up? I like Aunty and Daddy together. I want to see them both together at one time! “

Then, a doctor helplessly replied, “Little Princess, there are rules here. The woman’s injuries aren’t that serious, so she has to be transferred.”

“Hmph! “ Nellie’s voice rang out along the corridors. Luna sighed helplessly. From her voice, Nellie seemed to be fine. She

had managed to save her daughter from the danger that day. It looked like she was a fine mother.

“Aunty! “

After a while, Nellie—who was in a white chiffon dress —came running in. She ran toward Luna and stretched out her little arm to grab Luna’s hand.

“Are you feeling better? I heard that you’re up! I came from Great-Granny’s!” Luna furrowed her brows. “Great-Granny…” “She’s been staying at my house for the past couple of days,” Granny Lynch’s cold voice came from behind Nellie.

She was still wearing the necklace that Aura gave her, Granny Lynch looked at Luna coldly. “You rescued Nellie, so the Lynch family has to thank you, but you’re in no condition to continue taking care of Nellie at this time. I’ll get the butler to tabulate your pay. Find another job after your discharge.”

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