Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy – Chapter 92

“I only like Nellie.”

“You like her?“ Granny Lynch harrumphed coldly. “ More like her dad! When I still didn’t know of

Nellie’s existence, I didn’t know you were so manipulative. Using Nellie’s love and reliance for you to live in Blue Bay Villa without any holdbacks.

You pacify Nellie on one side while seducing Joshua on the other. You have a beautiful face yet an ugly heart! *

Luna had long guessed that Granny Lynch would say that. She gently chuckled. “Granny Lynch, your deduction is pretty logical, but it’s all wrong, sadly.“

Luna then eyed the necklace on Granny Lynch’s neck. “Ms. Gibson gave you more gifts?“ The necklace this time was the same series as the previous one. Of course, it was fake as well.

Granny Lynch rolled her eyes coldly at Luna. “Aura gave this to me. She has such a good eye for things like these. Much better than you! More importantly, Aura is Nellie’s blood -related aunt ! You’ll never be able to compete with that ! If I had to pick between you and Aura, I’d pick Aura to be my granddaughter- in-law in a heartbeat.”

Then, Granny Lynch harrumphed. “As for you, you should know your place. You only headed to Blue Bay Villa to deliberately get close to Nellie and Joshua just because of money, right? If one million isn’t enough for you, name your price, but don’t be too greedy.“

Luna, on the bed, looked at Granny Lynch’s necklace and laughed gently. “Yes. One can’t be too greedy. It doesn’t mean that the more million-dollar necklaces you have, the better, doesn’t it?“

With furrowed brows, Granny Lynch could na longer tolerate Luna’s mocking tone anymore and hid the necklace under her clothes. “Don’t change the topic! How much to get you to leave?“

Luna shut her eyes and sighed. After a while, she opened them.
‘I’ll leave, but I don’t want your money. I have a request.“ “What is it?”

“I want to leave after your birthday banquet.“

She knew that she could not be Joshua’s maid for too long. First, this was not part of her plan. Second, living under the close scrutiny of Joshua, she would one day expose herself.

Joshua had already suspected her in the intensive care unit a moment ago.

However, even if she wanted to leave, she had to wait until the birthday banquet, when Joshua announced Nellie’s identity to the family. Only then would she be relieved.

If Joshua openly announced that Nellie was his daughter, Aura would not be able to do things to her so easily. After all, if anything were to happen to Nellie, Aura would be the first suspect. She would not be so dumb as to let other people know how cruel she was.

Granny Lynch sneered, “Deal.”

A thought then occurred to her. “Aura is going to give me Mr. Y’s most precious jewelry during my birthday banquet, so it’s good that you stay back. You can see what invaluable means. I hope by then you’d still have the guts to call them fake.”

Luna smiled. “Sure.”

She wanted to see how pretentious Aura could be. Also, it was about time to settle everything with Aura!

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