Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy – Chapter 94

Neil was only six, yet he spoke like a mature 26-year- old.

Luna sighed gently and replied, (I’ve decided to leave Blue Bay Villa after Granny Lynch’s birthday banquet (Are you going to let Nellie stay back?]


(We’ll have to deal with Aura Gibson first, then.]

Neil replied quickly, (1 got Zach to gather important evidence. Even if the scumbag isn’t going to do anything, I’ll take these to the police. Aura is going to jail for a few years].

Luna sighed. Her son was always so mature and understanding.

(Try to comfort Nellie these few days; she doesn’t want me to leave her. Since you were the one to suggest her going back to Joshua, you should take responsibility for this.]

Neil was silent for a long time before he eventually brought up that Anne had returned to end their conversation.

After a long while, Luna’s phone rang once again. This time, it was a message from Nigel.

(Mommy, I’ll deal with Nellie. She listens most to me. Just handle the Aura matter with Neil.]

Nigel rarely sent messages to Luna. Looking at the

text in her phone, Luna sighed. (Thank you.]

(No worries.]

Nigel sighed.

(Mommy, I personally don’t care if I could live for many years, but I’m worried for you. I’m worried for Neil and Nellie, too.
You’ve been hurt so badly, yet you refused help from Uncle Malcolm. I’m afraid you won’t be happy in the future. Neil is too reckless.

Although he’s smart, he doesn’t see the big picture. He’ll be at a disadvantage sooner or later.]

(Nellie is also too capricious and emotional. She always tikes to throw a tantrum. I’m worried for the three of you, and that’s my motivation to live on, but if all of you are unhappy because you want to save me, I’d rather die.]

Luna shut her eyes and was silent for a long time.

(Don’t think too much. I’ll find a way to cure you. All of us will be happy.]

Luna felt out of breath after she sent the text. The room was too suffocating.

Luna hesitated for a while, then she got down the bed. She pushed the door open and walked out.

The hospital at night was not as noisy compared to daytime. It was terrifyingly quiet.

In a striped hospital gown, Luna walked aimlessly around the corridors. Unknowingly, she walked to where Joshua was.

Through the window, she saw Joshua.
With an IV drip still sending fluids into his body, he went through a document seriously in his other hand.

From Luna’s angle, she could see his angular side profile.
It was cold, regal, charming, and mature.
Looking at him, Luna could not help but think of the first time they met.

Even if she did not love him anymore at that moment, she could not deny that Joshua looked just like the man of her dreams.

Just when she was looking at Joshua’s side profile in a daze, Lucas said faintly from beside her, “Luna, Sir is asking you to go in.”

Stunned, Luna immediately came to her senses. When she looked once again, Joshua was still looking at the documents in his hand.

Noticing her gaze, he stopped what he was doing and looked at Luna. His lips moved a little.

“Come in,” he seemed to say to her.

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