Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1070

She immediately tried to comfort him.
Devin was slightly assured upon hearing that.
He wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to the baby, and it would be best to keep it safe and healthy.

That night, in their former bedroom on the third floor, Sasha was communicating with Haruto on her laptop while she flipped through her thick medical books.

She was still immersed in her books when Sabrina walked in.


“Ms. Hayes, Old Mr. Jadeson is asking for you downstairs.”

Just when Sabrina was about to call out to Sasha, a housemaid informed her that Jonathan was looking for her.

Sabrina’s heart skipped a beat, and she retracted her footstep.

Ten minutes later, Sabrina appeared in Jonathan’s study at Oceanic Estate wearing a maternity dress.

Knock! Knock!

“Come in.”

Hearing the low and solemn voice, Sabrina clenched her fists a little before walking into the study.
She would always remember what happened between her and Jonathan.

Back then, with a gentle smile, he told her he didn’t want her and Devin to be together. He also kicked her out of Oceanic Estate right after.

However, she was now back with a pregnant belly.

“Take a seat.”

Inside the brightly lit study, Jonathan was sitting by the desk. He pointed at the chair in front of him that she could occupy.
Sabrina sat down reluctantly.

“I heard your prenatal checkup didn’t go well today.” Jonathan’s face was filled with concern for her and the baby.

His concern warmed her.

She was a woman who was easily moved.

“You’re right. The baby’s development is affected because I donated my bone marrow to Sebastian during pregnancy.”

“Why don’t you rest and give birth in Jetroina instead? You can have Devin accompany you there. I heard the doctor who did your surgery is in Jetroina. Isn’t it better for you to be there?” Suddenly, Jonathan suggested this.

Sabrina was dumbfounded.

She would love to keep the baby. Otherwise, she wouldn’t even take the risk after the bone marrow donation.
However, it didn’t seem appropriate for her to rest and give birth in Jetroina.

“There’s still more than a month left… Can Devin be away for that long?”

“Of course. All it takes is one phone call from me. You two can spend more time in Jetroina as well. I know both of you suffered from the interference created by his parents and me. We caused a rift in your relationship. Maybe the trip to Jetroina can break the barrier.”

Sabrina had never expected Jonathan to say something like this.

Unable to hold back her emotions, she covered her mouth as tears streamed down her cheeks.

He knows we’re fighting, and that he and Devin’s parents were the ones who caused us to end up like this.
Sabrina’s emotions were in turmoil.

After a couple of minutes, she finally calmed down. “Let’s do it.”

“Great. I’ll inform Devin about the trip. It’s getting late. You should rest now. I’ll have Devin pick you up tomorrow, and you two can travel to Jetroina.”

“Okay.” Sabrina wiped away her tears as she stood up happily and walked out of the study.

Before she closed the door behind her, she turned around. “I still have ane question. What changed your mind about our relationship?”

Jonathan, who was still sitting in his chair, gazed at her. “Maybe I’m getting old. After what happened with Sebastian, I suddenly realized I should just let you youngsters live your own lives. Following my plans might not be the best choice.
After ali, your happiness means much more than that.”

That was perhaps the most beautiful thing Sabrina had ever heard in her whole life.
She could finally walk away with a contented heart.

Thirty minutes later, in the Red Pavilion, Devin received a phone call from Mark to pick up Sabrina the next morning and travel to Jetroina.

“Jetroina? Are you out of your mind? How can I travel there at this sensitive timing?”

“Mr. Devin, this is the most critical time for Ms. Hayes’ pregnancy. It’s the only way to keep the baby. I’ll take care of your matters for the time being.”

“But” Devin still wanted to argue further, but Mark had hung up. Right after that, it was a text message from Jonathan himself.

Go to Jetroina right away. No delays.

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