Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1072

Why did Mdm. Shirley accept the deal? She isn’t one to share.
Everyone, especially Jocelyn, still found it hard to believe.

However, it became a reality that no one else could change when Janice bought Sasha to the hotel that afternoon. They presented a shareholder agreement for Shirley to sign, and the latter readily agreed to it.

“Aunt Shirley, I’m glad to see you this decisive. If the hotel needs more funding in the future, you can just get it from Oceanic Estate. Like I said before, Oceanic Estate will fully support the Jadesons in starting a business.” Shirley was in a great mood when the agreement was signed.

“I have you to thank for, Sasha.”

“You’re welcome. Anyway, can you give us a tour of the hotel? I’m returning to Avenport tomorrow, and I’d love to see the business of the first female entrepreneur in the Jadesons. I heard that it’s luxurious inside,” Sasha suggested with a smile.

Before Shirley could respond, Jocelyn immediately smiled smugly. “Of course. It’s our business after all. We deliberately set up our hotel near the Dragon Valley.”

“Dragon Valley?” Sasha was stunned upon hearing this.

She knew the Whites used the location to host foreign guests. Oceanic Estate, Dragon Valley, Englepar Bay, and East Gateway were the four reception locations to host foreign guests in the country.

Oceanic Estate belonged to Jonathan.

Englepar Bay was on an island. East Gateway was too near to the busy side of the city, and not that safe.

Thus, Dragon Valley was the main reception spot right now for foreign guests. Where did she get the idea to set up a hotel in that location?

Sasha’s gaze fell on Shirley.

“S-Sasha, please don’t misunderstand me. I… I opened the hotel using Jonathan’s name. You know, Dragon Valley is full of foreign guests, and it’s a fantastic location to do business. I wanted to give it a try, but it’s difficult to get in. That’s why I used Jonathan’s name. C-Can you not tell him?” Shirley panicked.

She immediately stood up and made herself clear, knowing that she shouldn’t be hiding anything fram Sasha. She even pleaded with the latter to not tell Jonathan about this.

Sasha narrowed her eyes.
Is that so?

She nonchalantly tapped away on the table in front of her. The atmosphere in the hotel instantly became suffocating within minutes.

“Sure. I won’t tell as long as your business does great,” said Sasha.
Her tone was still gentle, and she was smiling faintly as if she wasn’t bothered by what she had just learned.

Jocelyn heaved a sigh of relief.

Shirley also loosened her clenched fist.

Ten minutes later, after they walked out of the hotel, Janice couldn’t help but ask, “Sasha, are you really not telling Jonathan?” Sasha nodded. “There’s no need to let him know. It’s just a trivial matter. Just find someone to keep an eye on Dragon Valley.” “What do you mean?”

“There’s no way she’d be using Jonathan’s name to start a business in Dragon Valley. He even hid in Heron Hill to avoid suspicion back then. I don’t think she’d be that fearless to use his names,” Sasha sneered as her gaze turned cold.

Janice gasped upon hearing that.
She was staring at Sasha as chills ran down her spine.

They’ve deceived me again. The Ataraxy is full of scum. All they know is to create trouble wherever they go.

Janice was trembling in anger.

Later that night, Sasha was in her room on a video call with Sebastian as she didn’t get to return to Avenport.
“Sebby, guess what I discovered today?”

“What?” Sebastian was changing his clothes in the bedroom.

His clothes were somehow dripping wet, and his hair was wet too. It was as if he was drenched in rain.

Sasha forgot her reply as she asked with concern, “What happened to you? Why are you drenched? Did you forget the umbrella?”

“It’s not like that. Vivian did this to me!” “What?” Sasha was dumbfounded.

Vivi? No way. She’s already eight years old. It makes little sense that she still needs her daddy to bathe her. Is she throwing a tantrum again?

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