Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1074

“Have you interrogated thoroughly?”

“Yes. The woman mentioned that the person who was willing to help her set up a hotel in Dragon Valley only promised to introduce some clients from the State Guesthouse to her,” Mark reported his findings after an intense investigation that lasted through an entire night.

Oceanic Estate was brightly lit, especially the study on the first floor. The air was filled with a strong sense of bloodlust.
Standing still in front of the menacing Old Mr. Jadeson, Mark was waiting quietly for his response.

This woman probably won’t be able to live long.

“In other words, she’s been used?”

“Yes, she didn’t know that the person approached her with a hidden agenda in mind. They were scheming to persecute the Jadesons with a drug-related crime. In fact, her husband, Connor, died because of this. Thankfully, you shot him dead back then.
Otherwise, it would have affected the name of the Jadeson family adversely.” As Jonathan’s trusted aide for years, Mark understood him very well.

Jonathan’s face turned extremely sullen. In the end, he hit the desk harshly, to the extent that it was almost smashed to pieces.
He expected the outcome.

If this incident leaks out, the Jadesons will suffer yet another blow. At the very least, it will hurt our reputation. What a brainless b’**hl

Jonathan’s eyes turned ferocious. “Take care of her, and don’t let anyone find out about this.”

“Duly noted.”

Mark was not a tad bit surprised to hear that decision. However, a dark cloud was hanging above him. “What about her child and Mr. Jared?”

“You go and tell him that I won’t hesitate to destroy all of them if! hear anything about them acting with impunity. I won’t give in even if it concerns the child.” Hardening his heart, Jonathan was resolute.

His gaze turned murderous with a strong intent to get rid of anyone who was in his way. The cruel reality left him with no other option. He had given all that he could, toiling for the family his whole life. In the end, he had no more mercy for them.

Mark left as soon as the conversation ended.

Those who were anxiously waiting for updates at The Ataraxy were completely stunned when they heard the final decision, including Jared.

Ever since Candice was sent away, Shirley was the only one who was relatively capable in the household.
With this nightmare befalling her, what’s left at The Ataraxy?

Jared had lost his last strand of hape.

Upon leaving The Ataraxy, Mark called Janice as he wanted her to clean up the mess for Shirley. However, when the line was connected, he realized that the one who answered was not Janice.

“Hi, Mr. Steward. I’m Kingston. My mom has fallen ill.” “She’s sick?” Mark was astonished to hear that.

Kingston quickly explained, “Yes, she’s been sick since her return yesterday. She even mumbled in her sleep, and kept calling Aunt Shirley’s name.”

Mark was speechless. It seems like she was petrified by what happened to Shirley. Anyhow, as a stay-at-home mother, it’s normal for her to feel that way. Moreover, she has just taken over Oceanic Estate from Sasha. It’s only natural that she would be horror-stricken upon making such a huge mistake.

Mark did not suspect anything further and left for Oceanic Estate.
Everything calmed down by the next morning. Not one word about the incident was ever discussed in Jadeborough.
Meanwhile in Terrandya, Jetroina, Haruto arranged for Sabrina to stay in his hospital.

Besides being accompanied by Devin, Solomon who had been hospitalized for exactly half a year, was also present.

“See? This is the consequence of you insisting on me keeping her baby. Look what happens now!” Haruto complained as soon as he finished examining Sabrina in the consultation room.

Devin was indifferent whereas Solomon felt slightly uneasy at that remark. Sitting on the wheelchair, Solomon turned and looked away.

Sabrina felt rather awkward.
While she was still in Turlen, she had actually decided to undergo an abortion.

However, when she was in the operating theater, a doctor informed her that Solomon’s attending physician from Jetroina would be seeing her soon. He had to check her condition before Sabrina could decide whether to donate her bone marrow.

Sabrina considered it and waited for the doctor to do a thorough check on her. To her disbelief, she was told that she could keep the baby.

When asked if she wanted to carry on with the abortion, her mind went blank.
It turns out that everything that has happened in the past was a controlled arrangement by this scumbag!

“Don’t blame him, Dr. Shoki. I must thank you all far keeping my baby. I trust your skills, and I’m sure that you can definitely bring him to this world safely.” Devin’s words relieved the tension in the room.

First, he thanked the doctor, and followed by an expression of gratitude toward Solomon. Then, he ended with a plea to the doctor.

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