Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1075

Indeed, Devin had all the reasons in the world to thank Solomon, who traveled all the way to Turlen to knock some sense into him despite being sick.

If Solomon did not tell Devin the truth and give him that very punch he deserved, he might still be treading down the wrong path.
Therefore, Devin was thankful for his brother-in-law.

Salomon was already feeling very uncomfortable upon being exposed by his dear friend. With all eyes staring at him, he started to fidget nervously.

“That’s enough. Go ahead and save the patient. Stop spewing nonsense.”

Moments later, Haruto said, “All right, let me do what I can. However, I must inform you in advance that if you want the child, it’s a must for her to stay in this hospital for the rest of her pregnancy. She can’t leave at all.” He pointed at Sabrina, who was lying down on the bed.

Sabrina widened her eyes and asked, “Not even one step out?”

Haruto stated firmly, “Absolutely not! Henceforth, you’ll be put on a drip daily. Since there’s no way for your body to guarantee the baby’s healthy growth, we can only depend on external help. Do you understand me?”

Sabrina kept quiet.
No, I don’t want to understand any word you’ve just said.
It would be an extremely challenging thing for a person with her personality to be restrained in the hospital for months.

Once the doctor said so, the two men started guarding her room as if they were supervising a criminal. They were determined not to leave her alone for even a second.

Salomon was not there personally. He sent his subordinate to relieve Devin when the latter was away for lunch or to run errands.

Darn it! Time crawled by so slowly for Sabrina. Every single day was nothing but mere boredom.

The only consolation she had was the cool video games Devin had installed for her in the ward, Though he was not a fan, he was willing to play with her.

“Do you actually know how to play games?” “What’s so difficult? I just need to learn it.”

Replacing his military uniform with a plain white t-shirt and a sky blue shirt, he looked just like a guy next doar. His towering figure and suave look were still as charming as ever.

When he approached Sabrina, his manly pheromones made her heart skip a beat.

“lll help you put on the anti-radiation clothing first. They say that game machines emit radiation. We’ll start playing once you wear this.”

Before giving her the joystick, Devin carefutly helped her put on the anti-radiation clothing which he had specially purchased from a maternity shop.

Sabrina obliged obediently.

She wanted to tell him that low-voltage electronics like the video games he bought could never give off any radiation. She also wanted to diss him that she only had her eyes on high-end games instead of child’s play.

However, when that man sat down on the mat and locked eyes with her, she indulged in his doting gaze and followed whatever he said.

That’s adoration, right? Sabrina thought.

After playing for half an hour, they stopped when Devin received a phone call. Subsequently, he ordered a fruit platter for her and off he went with his phone.

Feeling bored, Sabrina snacked on fruits while browsing her phone.
There was a WhatsApp message from Sasha. “Sab, how’s the check-up? What did Haruto say?”

Feeling good about it, Sabrina replied immediately. “It went well, but I’m supposed to be hospitalized until I give birth. This is frustrating!”

“Haha. Why is that so? Just take it as a staycation. After all, Devin is by your side. Let him make it up to you by spending some quality time together.”

Sabrina did not reply the last message.
Her face flushed as she became upset.

Why do I need his company?

Sabrina continued enjoying her fruits while subconsciously casting glances at the door.
What’s taking him so jong to answer a phone call?

Displeased, she was not aware that she had started to pay more attention to little things like that and even let it affect her emotions despite denying it.

After waiting for another ten minutes, Devin finally returned to the room.

Instead of greeting her, he instantly headed to the wardrobe to get his bag. Then, he whipped out another phone.
He has two phones?

She took a big bite on ihe apple with displeasure while continue watching his shenanigans.

After fishing out the phone, he worked on it for a brief moment and came back to Sabrina.

“Right, where did we stop?”

“I’m done playing!”

Sabrina chucked the apple aside and got up from the mat, leaving Devin totally baffled.

Done playing? I thought the game has just begun?

Although he was clueless, he just followed suit and put away everything.

“Sabrina, what would you like to have for lunch? I’ll cook it for you.” He was getting ready to make her a meal.

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