Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1076

“Do you know how to cook?” Sabrina was surprised.

“Oh yes. It’s not that difficult.” Sabrina cast another gaze at Devin. She never expected him to be an all-rounder who had good culinary skills.

Most of her male acquaintances were either born with a silver spoon or came from a high and lofty family. These guys lived a worry-free life, and they had been pampered since young in every way possible. Her brother, Sebastian, was a typical example of such men.

To her disbelief, she discovered that the rightful heir of the Jadesons, Jonathan’s eldest grandson actually knew how to cook! Intrigued, she agreed to have lunch with him. Thus, Devin left the hospital to do grocery shopping.

Shortly after, a man in black wearing sunglasses appeared to guard the entrance to Sabrina’s room.

She felt so frustrated by the strict supervision.

This is crazy!

Left with no alternative, she could only watch television while waiting for Devin to return.

Supposedly, there was no room for personal utility space in the hospital. Due to Solomon’s connection, the current ward that they were occupying had almost become their private residential area. It was fully equipped with kitchen utensils as well as other daily amenities.

Their days at the hospital were more like a relaxing staycation than anything else.

That afternoon, Sabrina had the honor of tasting a meal cooked by the famous Devin Jadeson. She was utterly amazed at his terrific skills because his food tasted better than Sasha’s.

Nay… Sasha’s nothing compared to Devin’s cooking. Only the foolish Sebastian is impressed at her mediocre work.
“Shail I invite your brother over to join us since I’ve made quite a bit for lunch?”

“Huh?” Sabrina’s hand hung mid-air when the question came like a bolt from the blue.

Invite that useless man over? Fine, Devin can call whoever he likes. After all, there are loads of food here. I doubt we could bath finish it.

Reluctantly, Sabrina acquiesced in his decision.

Devin chuckled when he saw the odd expression on her face. Upon washing his hands, he went out of the ward. Moments later, Devin returned with another man. Though the latter was also dressed in a patient’s attire, he looked refreshed and well.

“Sabrina, Solomon is here. Please bring him a plate and cutleries.”

Without exchanging greetings nor saying a word, the pregnant Sabrina glanced at the two fellows before picking up a plate and cutleries for the guest.

Then, they started enjoying a meal together.

Initially, Devin wanted to have some wine. He was grateful for the help he had received thus far. However, Solomon rejected the idea.

“No, she can’t have a drop yet. If you want to have something to drink, I’ll have some of this with you.” He grinned while pointing at a carton of milk near Sabrina’s bed.

Those were gifted by a visitor a few days ago.

Subsequently, Devin went to get a bottle each for the man as well as the woman who had been looking at him with puppy eyes.
“Here you go.”

“Thanks”. A smug settled upon Sabrina’s face. She had a sip and then continued eating her lunch.

Her emotions and behavior seem completely different when she’s pregnant. Sometimes, she can be quite childish.

After a hearty meal, Sabrina made herself cozy under the sheets and snoozed away. The mother-to-be spent most of her time sleeping.

The two men continued polishing off their food.
Devin asked, “How’s your recovery? I see that you’re in a wheelchair most of the time. You didn’t have a big appetite either.

Are things not looking good?”

Devin noticed that he actually ate very little even though he appeared to be moving his utensils a lot. He hardly touched anything on his plate.

Devin could nat help but frown and feel sorry for him. He was worried.

“It’s not that,” the handsome man answered indifferently. “I’ve not entered the recovery stage, so I have to refrain from stuffing my face. In addition, the bone marrow hasn’t reached its optimum function to produce blood cells effectively.
Hence, I still feel weak and feeble.”

“Oh, is that so?”

“Yes, so it’s easier to move around in a wheelchair. I surely don’t want to collapse suddenly when I can’t walk. That will be too embarrassing,” explained Solomon as he teased himself.

Seeing how placid and casual he was when talking about his health condition, guilt crept up on Devin. He felt responsible for what had become of Solomon.

He traveled all the way from Clear to Turlen for me, even though he was extremely sick. He braved the long haul just to knock some sense into me. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be like this. At the very least, Sasha would be in Clear, and she would have a plan ready to heal him. With that, there’s no need for him to be enduring the pain and staying in this hospital for half a year.

“By the way, I saw that you were spending quite some time engaging in phone calls this morning. From your expression at that time, things don’t seem good. Did anything happen back home?”

Right when Devin was still engulfed in his guilty conscience, Solomon threw a question at him. The latter gazed at him through his thin glasses frame.

Devin was taken aback. “You saw me?”

“I passed by coincidentally when I was on my way to get the IV drip. Did something bad happen?” Solomon pursued the matter persistently.

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