Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1077

“lm not sure, but an aunt in the family died a few nights ago.” Devin frowned.
“Died? Do you want to go back then?” Solomon asked in surprise.

“No, it’s my Grandpa’s daughter-in-law so they will deal with their own family affairs. And it has been a few days, anyway. It’s not a big deal.” Devin shook his head and explained succinctly.

Solomon was relieved. He picked up the milk in front of him before drinking it all in one go.
“Then I’ll go back first if there’s nothing else. Let’s do the treatment later.”

“Okay. Do you want me to send you?”

“No.” Solomon waved him off before pushing his wheelchair out of the ward promptly.

It was really strange for them to get along like this. They were very incongruous with each other the last time they met, but the air between them was friendlier this time. They were like family.

Devin also got up and cleaned up the plates and cutleries.
Good news finally came for the pregnant Sabrina a week later as the fetus began to grow rapidly.

Devin was very happy when he heard it. “Now that we can see the child, should I call home and let them start preparing the nursery?”

The man in his thirties was excited, like a child.

Sabrina was so thrilled that her face flushed. She then lowered her head and stroked her belly before humming in assent.
“Okay, I’ll call Grandpa at once. By the way, Darling, how do we decorate the nursery? Is it for a boy or a girl?”

There was a buzzing sound in Sabrina’s mind as it went blank.

Did he just call me… Darling?

Sabrina couldn’t hear anything else as her mind was filled with a surging heat that almost drowned her own sense.

It was happiness.

Devin couldn’t wait for her to answer, so he took out his smartphone and called Jonathan.

His voice was incoherent as he said vaguely about what he wanted. In summary, he wanted two nurseries: one for boys and the other for girls.

Silly guy. Sabrina looked at her stomach with a radiant smile.

Sabrina discovered during the next three days that the man was starting to turn into a super dad. Since she couldn’t get out of the ward, Devin would go out and buy a bunch of stuff every day.

He bought all kinds of baby products, including baby clothes.

And the items he purchased almost filled the entire ward.

Sabrina decided to give Devin a stern lecture once he returned when she saw that the bottles brought by the deliveryman could last for at least a dozen years.

Being rich was not an excuse to just throw money away.

Sabrina waited all day long till the sun set today, but the man who usually returned early was nowhere to be seen.
What’s going on? Has he been so addicted to shopping that he forgot to come back? His phone signal is busy, too.
Sabrina was a little angry and she went to open the door.

“Ms. Sabrina, you can’t go out.”

Outside the ward was a man in black Solomon had hired and he politely stopped Sabrina when he saw her going out.

Sabrina stomped her feet angrily. “I’m not trying to run, you can rest assured. I just want to look for the stinky man. Why is he not coming back yet? It’s dark already.”

The man looked at his wristwatch before his expression relaxed.

“Okay, Ms. Sabrina. I’ll go and look for him. But let’s wait for Mr. Akiyama to come over first.”

Sabrina was infuriated.

But they still waited for Solomon to arrive, and the man immediately went to look for Devin once he did.
Sabrina glared at the man in the wheelchair outside and her bad mood continued to rise for a moment.

“You don’t have to glare at me like that. I won’t really stop you if you insist on going out, but you should know what will happen if he comes back and heard something had happened to his child again, right?”

Five seconds passed.
“Scum!” the woman swore while staring at Solomon. Then she turned around and closed the door with a loud bang.
This was how their interactions went so far.

Their relationship should have improved after their experience. He almost got killed trying to save her while she nearly lost her child to save him.

Curiously, it didn’t.

The two still looked at each other with displeased expressions and were hostile toward each other when they met again.
Fortunately, the man in black didn’t take too long and soon returned with Devin in tow. The two came in from the entrance and Solomon heard their footsteps before turning to look.

Where’s the stuff? Didn’t he return late because he was busy buying baby products? Solomon stared at Devin’s empty hands and his eyes behind the thin glasses narrowed.

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