Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1078

Devin walked over to Solomon.
“Sorry, I’m late. Is she all right?” His expression changed slightly when he saw Solomon outside the ward.

But his expression soon turned normal, and he put his smartphone back in his trouser pocket. Then he went over to Solomon and explained apologetically.

Salomon’s expression was faint the entire time.

“Remember to call her and inform her if you’re coming back late so that she won’t worry.” Solomon reminded Devin after glancing at the closed door.

“I know. My phone is out of power just now. I’ll go and explain to her. I’ll go in first if there’s nothing else.” Devin nodded hurriedly.
“Yeah,” Solomon replied.

Solomon pushed the wheelchair on his own and turned around a few minutes after Devin entered the ward.

“Where did you find him?”

“Not far from here, in a mall about three miles away,” the man replied respectfully while pushing the wheelchair for him.

Just three miles away? So why did he come back so late? Also, why didn’t he go straight back if his mobile phone is really out of battery since he knows that Sabrina, who has a temper, is waiting for him? Solomon’s expression worsened the more he thought about it.

He returned to the ward and dialed a number after a while. “Hey, it’s me, Solomon. Are you free nowadays? If you are, make a trip to Jadeborough for me.”

The person on the other end of the phone call replied neatly, “Okay, Mr. George.”

Solomon then ended the phone call.

He was not interested in the Jadesons’ affairs, but the woman was now married to a member of that family and will soon give birth to a child.

He must make sure she was perfectly safe.
Solomon then waited for some news from Jadeborough.
Sabrina had noticed that Devin was a bit unusual, just as Solomon did that.

He often looked at his phone and he kept getting distracted when chatting with her. She had to call him several times before he would respond.

What’s wrong with him? Why is he so absent-minded? Sabrina was a little upset at first.

“What’s wrong with you? I asked you a question several times, but you didn’t answer.”

Sabrina wanted to ask him to call a nurse over to remove the IV needle because it was already empty.

She called him twice, but the man just stood by the window while tapping on his smartphone and didn’t respond.

“Huh?” Her question fell flat.

The man finally reacted and withdrew his attention from his smartphone.
He looked in her direction before hastily putting his smartphone away and going over to her.
“What’s wrong? Are you uncomfortable somewhere?”

Sabrina reached out and pulled on the IV roughly after several seconds of enduring her annoyance. She then glared at him.
“What’s wrong with you? If you don’t want to stay here, then go. I won’t stop you.”

“Huh?” Devin immediately became anxious.

“No, how can I not want to stay here? It’s because I didn’t answer when you call just now, right? I’m sorry, I was handling something from work.”

“Work?” Sabrina’s anger promptly fizzled out.

“Yeah, some military affairs. There are still things to be handled, even though Grandpa had taken some time off for me. Don’t be angry, I will pay attention next time.” Devin nodded before answering.

His explanation was detailed and his tone was even softer than before.

Sabrina’s anger died out completely.

A large reason for her anger was her insecurity. It was hard for her to get together with this man and there were a lot of struggles to get here so sometimes she would wonder if this was all a dream when she looked at him.

It turned out I’m blaming him for no reason again. Sabrina lowered her head guiltily and her hands tightly grabbed on the quilt.

Devin didn’t know her thoughts, but he was relieved when he saw that she was no longer bitter.

“It’s time to remove the IV, right? Wait, I’ll call the nurse now.” He then got up to do just that.

Sabrina was speechless as she watched him walk out. She got so annoyed that she covered herself entirely with the quilt.
I really need to change my bad temper!

Both of them were in an amicable mood for the next few days after this episode, and their interactions were also restored to the warm and relaxed manner they had previously.

Sasha, who was in Avenport, was delighted when she heard that they were getting alang well.

“Sebby, do you want to hold a wedding for Sabrina after she gives birth now that their relationship has improved? We still have all the things prepared for the marriage last time.”

Sasha was quite concerned about this, as she was the lady of the Hayes family.

Sebastian was sitting at his desk and dealing with his work emails when she suddenly mentioned this. His gaze left the computer screen before landing on her.

“Are those not for us?”

This man is really… Sasha didn’t know what to say to this man for a moment.

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