Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1079

“Mr. Hayes, shouldn’t you pay more attention if you want to gift your wife with a grand wedding? Of course, the booked wedding banquet and dowry are all used for your eldest sister’s marriage. Do you want to marry off your wife?”

“Oh…” Sebastian finally stopped talking.
He then calmly continued to immerse himself in work with a noble and cold expression after moving his sight away from her.

Sasha wanted to laugh and ask the man what he had arranged after the baby was delivered, but Karl suddenly knocked on the door.

“Mr. Hayes. Oh, Madam is here too?” His words clearly halted when he saw Sasha in the room.

Sasha was very perceptive, so she immediately picked up the stack of papers containing the business plan when she saw Karl’s actions. “You guys continue. I’ll go down first and start the meeting.”

She then withdrew from the president’s office and left the space for the two men.
She never thought that the two would discuss something she had no knowledge about just after she left.

“Mr. Hayes, I’ve finished the investigation. This woman, Shirley, had never appeared again after the incident at Dragon Valley.
And it doesn’t look like Old Mr. Jadeson had made any order about this either.”

“Why?” Sebastian’s face turned darker and his expression colder when he heard this as he sat at his desk.

Karl shook his head. “I don’t know. I stayed near the Oceanic Estate for two days and didn’t find anything. But I did see Mark leaving Jadeborough.”

“Where did he go?”

“Yaleview!” Karl gave him a definite answer this time.

Sebastian was slightly surprised after hearing this.
Yaleview? What is this man doing there?

He didn’t have any inkling because, as he recalled, Jonathan had told him that even Devin had stopped interfering in the arms smuggling case.

Then why did he suddenly go to Yalaview? Sebastian frowned.

“Mr. Hayes, do you want me to go to Yaleview and investigate?”

“There’s no need.” Sebastian thought for a few moments before refusing.
Karl’s eyes widened in surprise. “No? Do you know something, Mr. Hayes?” “What else? Isn’t this just their little trick?” Sebastian’s tone turned disdainful.

Karl fell silent. He thought that Jonathan would naturally not be able to guess what he couldn’t. Otherwise, the old man wouldn’t just let Mark go to Yaleview unhindered.

Well, all of these struggles had a cause and the dark cloud would naturally shroud the core of this matter.

And the core of the Jadesons was in Jadeborough. The main forces of the enemy would certainly gather there if they wanted to completely destroy it. As a result, they were facing imminent danger after the matter with Shirley was revealed.

The best way for these people to survive was to divert the Jadesons’ attention somewhere else.

Karl was covered with cold sweat. He really didn’t want to discuss this with Sebastian.

This man would think he was an idiot every time he did, and his words were insinuating that Karl’s brain was equivalent to a decoration item.

“Well… Where am I going next if I’m not going to Yaleview?”

“Go to Jadeborough and investigate the man close to Shirley thoroughly!”

Sebastian indifferently gave him another order.

Jadeborough? Did I hear that wrong? Karl was once again surprised.

That man promptly burned the hotel and disappeared right after Shirley was exposed.

Even Old Mr. Jadeson didn’t have any clue what happened and Mr. Hayes actually asked me to investigate this?

Karl swallowed his saliva, and he heard himself speak after a long while. “Mr. Hayes, it’s not that I don’t want to go. But this person is obviously from the White House. It won’t be easy to investigate if he’s fully prepared.” “Are you brainless? Who told you to investigate it directly?”

“Isn’t there still that fool, Jocelyn? She would naturally lead the way for you if you remit two million to her account anonymously.”

Karl was stunned speechless for around five seconds.
He never thought of this.

Sebastian meant that after receiving the money remitted into her account, Jocelyn would definitely be in a mess as she thought of what happened to Shirley.

By that time, those people who were watching them in the dark would not let her off.

They would think that she was working together with Shirlay at the hotel and might have known something about them or seen something.

When the time came, the opportunity would just fall into his lap without him having to do much else.
That’s amazing! “What? Is there any problem?”

“No… Nothing, sir. I’ll leave first if there’s nothing else, Mr. Hayes.” Karl didn’t want to say anything at all and he hurriedly left after that.

Jonathan, who was in Jadeborough, had no idea what had just transpired here. He didn’t even know that Solomon’s people have already arrived there. He had been staying at the Oceanic Estate every day all this while.

“Dad, the nurseries in Red Pavilion are ready. Both are made accordingly to Devin’s instruction; one for boys and the other for girls.”

At this time, Janice told Jonathan about the readied nurseries after she came back from the Red Pavilion.

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