Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1080

After hearing the news, there was finally a smile on Jonathan’s depressed face.
“That’s good. How are things on his end?”

“Not too bad. I heard that the baby is growing well. The doctor has mentioned that at this rate, the baby will reach its target weight by the time it is due.”

Janice answered his question with a smile and proceeded to make coffee for him.

In fact, she had learned the art of coffee-making from Sasha. Janice noticed Jonathan’s love for coffee, and so she took the effort to learn from Sasha before she left.

Jonathan did not stop her.

As she poured the boiling water onto the ground coffee beans, the aroma of coffee filled the air.

“Old Mr. Jadeson, please have some coffee.”

She lifted up the cup and served the hot drink to him.

However, at that moment, she felt a jab of pain from her arm, and she nearly dropped the cup of coffee.
“Leave it. Don’t scald yourself. I can help myself to the coffee,” said Jonathan caringly.

Janice was taken aback.

Once she got over the initial shock, she placed the cup down in front of him and bowed her head respectfully.

The scenery in Jadeborough in the month of April was stunningly beautiful. Spring was in full bloom, and as the red afterglow cast over them, it felt as if the observation tower was covered with a layer of red lace.

It was brilliant and magnificent.

Janice poured herself a cup of coffee and took a sip.

“I heard Kingston will be graduating soon?” asked Jonathan out of the blue,

Janice put down her cup and nodded.

“Yes, he will be graduating in June this year.”

Jonathan asked again, “Hmm… He’s an intelligent boy. Have you asked him about his plans after graduation?” Kingston was one of his favorites among the Jadesons.

She knew they were not part of his direct bloodline, and he had his own offspring. Not to mention that there were several other children of the same age group in The Ataraxy; hence, his interest in Kingston showed his concern for this family.

Janice was pleasantly surprised. “What do you suggest, Old Mr. Jadeson?” She sought his advice wholeheartedly.

Jonathan noticed her sincerity. He thought for a while and replied, “I know he studied defense technology, but I won’t want him to join the military. I think it’s better that he studies medicine from Grayson.”


Janice was dumbfounded.

Study medicine?

But, the whole point of my son studying in the military academy is to have him join the forces, no? As I recalled, Jonathan was the one who chose this career path for him when he went to college.

Janice was very confused, and she looked at Jonathan for a long time without saying anything.

Jonathan got tired of being stared at. He put down his cup and explained, “Your husband is no longer around, and your son is all you have. If he becomes a doctor, the two of you can see each other more often.”

Janice was speechless.
It was only after a few seconds that she retracted her gaze.

As far as she was concerned, being a doctor was no better than being a military officer. Otherwise, there would not be so many people trying to get into that particular military academy.

Janice was at a loss for words, so in the end, she kept quiet.
Not long after, the bodyguard captain of Oceanic Estate had arrived as well.

“Old Mr. Jadeson, something has happened at The Ataraxy again.”

“What happened?” Jonathan’s mood changed drastically when he heard that.
An air of cold ruthlessness exuded from him!

Janice trembled and immediately took her leave. As she was walking away, she heard the bodyguard captain mention someone by the name of Jocelyn.

Meanwhile, in Terrandya of Jetroina, Sabrina was in a good mood because of the baby.
Furthermore, he was by her side all the while.

“Devin, I want to have your roast pork ribs for lunch. Will you make it for me?”

“Sure,” answered Devin, who was washing her clothes in the bathroom by hand.

The nurse, who was attending to Sabrina, looked on with envy and commented, “Mrs. Jadeson, your husband treats you so well. Not only does he cook for you, but he washes your clothes by hand too.”

Sabrina blushed when she heard that.
“Shouldn’t he be doing all these? After all, I’m pregnant.”

“Of course not. In Jetroina, not many men will be so caring. Even when we get pregnant, we still have to take care of our husbands’ needs,” explained the nurse.

It was true. Men like Devin were a rare species, especially when he was the heir of a wealthy and powerful family.
Even regular guys would not be willing to wash clothes by hand.

Yet, the man right in front of her was more than willing to do that. In the past, he had fought and killed umpteen enemies with those strong hands of his. Now, he had no qualms in washing her clothes with those same hands.

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