Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1081

Suddenly, Sabrina felt a sense of contentment.

After the nurse had inserted the needle into her, she took out her phone with the other hand and sent out a message.
Sabrina: Sasha, does your man wash your clothes for you?

There was no response from Sasha.

She had just woken up from her sleep, and she was still drowsy. One look at the message, and she looked befuddled.
Sasha: He doesn’t even know how to use the washing machine. Why would I ask him to wash my clothes?

Sabrina: Silly girl! I’m talking about washing your clothes by hand! Has he done that for you before?

Once again, Sasha was puzzled and did not respond.

A long while later, she rubbed her sleepy eyes and turned around to see Sebastian who was still cuddling her tightly.


“Is Sabrina all right? She sent me a message early this morning and asked me if you have ever washed my clothes for me.” She mumbled sleepily and snuggled into his embrace like a kitten.

Sebastian was deep asleep.

He had come back late from the office the night before. The acquisition of the private mines was coming to an end, and to ensure that everything was in order, he waited until he had received the softcopy of the contract from the other party before heading home.

“What clothes?” asked Sebastian.

He sounded a little unhappy at being disturbed. Closing his eyes again, he pulled her closer to him.
Sasha opened her eyes and looked at him. Underneath his lush eyelashes, she could see that his eyes were shut.
“Didn’t you hear me the first time? Sab asked me if you have ever washed my clothes for me.”

“Why are we talking about laundry early in the morning? I have always washed your clothes for you. That stupid woman! Ignore her!”

Sebastian finally lost his temper.

He smacked his lips on hers to stop her from talking about laundry anymore and threw her phone aside.

My phone!

In Terrandya, after not receiving any responses from Sasha anymore, she had no choice but to stop her bragging.
When Devin was done with the laundry, he went out to buy the ingredients for lunch.

Ring! Ring!


“Commander Shin, bad news! Another of your family members has perished!”

Just as Devin was about to drive out of the hospital, a call came in and informed him of the bad news.
His expression took a sudden turn, and he brought the car to an abrupt stop.

“Who is that?”

It was only after a long time before he asked the question.

The caller replied, “It’s your Aunt Jocelyn. Her body was being discovered floating near the pier this morning. Her body is bloated, and that indicates that she has been in the water for quite a while.”

As the staff was telling him, he sent over pictures of Jocelyn’s corpse at the same time.
At the sight of the photos, Devin’s grip on the steering wheels tightened.
He was not upset, of course.

That aunt of his had always fought with his family, in particular his mother, Jasmine. They used to have arguments every other day.

As for Charles, he was one of those involved in setting his dad up. Thus, there was no way Devin would feel upset over people like them.

He was infuriated instead!

During the period when he was away, this was already the second death in the family.

What’s going on in Jadeborough?

He had completely lost all of his patience, and after ending the call, he made a phone call to Oceanic Estate.
Ring! Ring!

“Who’s this?”

Finally, someone picked up the call this time around.

Devin started yelling into the phone, “What are you daing at home? Why didn’t you tell me what has been happening lately? What are you hiding from me?”

He was so mad that he had lost his manners.
As his yelling stopped, the other party fell silent.

That angered Devin even more. “Answer me! Believe it or not. I will buy a flight ticket and come back right now! Say something!”

“There’s no need for you to come back. Everything is fine at home. It’s just that your Aunt Jocelyn has died unexpectedly.” At last, Jonathan spoke.

Devin continued with his questioning, “How did she die? What exactly is going on? Does this have anything to do with Shirley?”


“Why? I thought you have already dealt with Shirley? Why did Jocelyn die so suddenly? Was she involved in the Dragon Valley incident? Is that why she was being murdered?”

Devin bombarded Jonathan with tons of questions and could not wait to get to the bottom of it all.
In truth, even Jonathan did not have the answers to some of his questions.
Take Jocelyn’s death as an example. He had no idea why they had waited so long to kill her off.

“Yesterday, she had gone out in a hurry and didn’t come back home. When they found her this morning, she was already in the water with wounds on her body.”

“What kind of wounds?” “There’s a clean-cut slit on her neck. She died instantly!” Devin was shocked.

The killer has such incredible skill!

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