Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1082

Devin was quite astonished.

However, very soon, Jonathan sent over a photo. When Devin saw the neat cut on her neck, his eyes darkened.
It’s true. The cut is extremely clean.

The cut was made near the main artery of the neck. It was a swift and vicious execution.

Even a commander from the special forces like himself was disturbed by it.

“Is this done using a scalpel?”

‘That’s right. After the autopsy was done, it has been confirmed that the cut had been caused by a scalpel.” Jonathan made no attempt to deny that fact.

Devin looked even more worried by now.

“They have already engaged an assassin of this level, and yet you can still tell me that everything is fine in Jadeborough? Are you waiting for them to come and slaughter everyone in Oceanic Estate before telling us?”

Devin lost his cool and started berating Jonathan.

Jonathan slammed the table and said, “Are you brainless? I’m the head of the military. If anybody can come and attack us at home, why would I inform any one of you? If I can’t even protect myself, what makes you think all of you can defend me?”

Devin did not know what to say and eventually, there was no more sound from him.

Truth be told, everything Jonathan said was true. He was so much more powerful and capable compared to the younger generations.

If their enemies managed to get into Oceanic Estate, then nowhere else would be safe for any of the Jadesons.

When Devin had gone silent, Jonathan reassured him, “Enough. Let’s drop it. Your wife is about to give birth. You should just stay in Jetroina. Once your child is born, all of you can come back together. Don’t worry too much about anything.”

After that, Devin hung up the phone.

However, he did not listen to Jonathan. Instead, he sent out a message on his phone.

Devin: What is the status of those arms smugglers? Have they been extradited back?

Henrick: Not yet. It seems that there have been orders from the military department not to extradite them.
Devin: What did you say?

His expression changed and nearly called him directly.

Henrick was his vice-commander when Devin was in Yaleview. For the last six months, Jonathan had told Sebastian that the arms smugglers had ceased their activities.

In reality, Devin had been investigating all along.

In fact, that group of smugglers had already been captured by Zarain. All that was needed to be done was to have them extradited.

Yet, Henrick had told him about the change in plan now.

Devin’s face looked even darker than when he heard about Jocelyn’s death. He looked like he was about to take off and arrest those smugglers by himself.

No one knew that those arms smugglers were also threatening the Jadesons right now.
They were like a time bomb, waiting to explode anytime. Once that happened, the Jadesons would be annihilated for good.
With an uneasy feeling, Devin went to the supermarket.

After several hours, Sabrina, who had been waiting in the ward, became inpatient after seeing that Devin was not back yet. She walked out of the ward.

“Ms. Sabrina?” “I’m just walking around. It’s fine. Don’t worry,” explained Sabrina calmly.

The bodyguard let her be. Since the baby had been progressing well recently, there was no need for her to be lying on the bed for the whole day. Some light exercise would do her no harm.

Sabrina came down to the garden of the hospital.

Everything was blossoming in the garden, and it all looked very beautiful.

With one hand supporting her stomach, Sabrina made her way to the entrance of the hospital.

In actual fact, she had other intentions when she wanted to come downstairs.

Devin had gone out for so long, and she wanted to see if he was back yet.

At the same time, she wanted to give him a surprise by greeting him downstairs.

Sabrina stood at the crowded entrance.

She then noticed a familiar SUV parked on the opposite side of the hospital, and a familiar figure alighted from the car.
“Look, he’s back already,” she said excitedly to the bodyguard who was standing behind her.

He smiled.

Sabrina was even happier and was about to make her way to greet him.

Instead of coming toward her direction, he walked te the back of the car. After a while, she saw another familiar figure appearing in front of Devin.

“Who’s that?” The bodyguard looked stunned too.
Before he realized it, Sabrina was already making her way toward the two of them.

“Ms. Sabrina, slow down. Don’t walk too fast.” Seeing that, the bodyguard had ne choice but to follow her.

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