Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1085

While Sasha did not wish for Janice to bear the burden, she also had no idea how to manage Oceanic Estate without her.
Additionally, Sasha could not return yet.

After some thought, she decided to persuade Janice.

Sasha: Aunt Janice, please don’t make rash decisions. You know where I am. If I have to go over there, I have to make sure things are in order first. As such, can’t you help me out for a while longer?

Janice: Urgh, okay. I shall wait till you settle the things on your end then. Actually, I haven’t been there for a few days now either.
When I was out looking for Jocelyn, I had a fall.

She fell?

Worried, Sasha immediately asked how she was doing.

Within seconds, Janice replied with a picture. It showed the ugly bruises on her arms and thighs.
it’s so serious!

Sasha felt bad and did not press Janice any further. She could only advise her to rest at home and mentioned that she would contact her when she was done with everything.

Given the situation, Sasha still had to look for someone to replace Janice in Oceanic Estate. Otherwise, no one would be there to manage it over the next few days.

After some thought about it, she decided to call Mark.
Ring! “What are you up to?”

Before the call got connected, a man suddenly appeared outside her office. He walked stiffly into the room.
Sebby! Sasha quickly covered the microphone and whispered to Sebastian, “Give me a minute. I’m calling Mark.”

Then, she continued to listen to the rings over the phone. Meanwhile, the visitor had to welcome himself in. Plunging into the couch where her guests usually sat, he crossed his legs and waited.

He had the office for the top management as the person with the most power in Hayes Corporation.

Sebastian rarely visited the company. Since he was the president, he did not need to travel there in person often. If there was anything he needed, he could easily communicate with his employees over the phone.

However, this was not his office, but his wife’s office.

Beyond the walls of the room, a male employee curiously asked his colleagues, “What are you standing around for? Aren’t you looking for Ms. Wand? Why can’t you head in?”

“Oh, Mr. Hayes is inside,” someone replied.

The planning department noticed their boss in the room, and they knew better than to disturb him. Taking the opportunity of being unsupervised, they enjoyed their coffee break.

It was the most relaxing atmosphere in the office they have had.
After two to three minutes of holding the call, no one answered. Frustrated, Sasha slammed the phone down with a frown.

At the same time, Sebastian flipped through a magazine, seemingly unfazed by her reaction. “What’s wrong? Were you not able to get through?”

Sasha sighed. “Yes, I tried a few times but to no avail. What is going on?” Sebastian had no clue what happened, but he was curious why she would call Mark out of the blue.
“Why are you looking for him?”

“Janice told me that she had a fall and will not be able to manage Oceanic Estate. Since I can’t head back now, I have to get hold of Mark so he can arrange for a replacement.”

After giving up on her attempts to call Mark, Sasha explained the situation.
Janice had a fail?

Sebastian looked up from the magazine to see Sasha. His handsome face still had the same emotionless expression, but he looked serious after hearing that.

“Is that so? How did she fall?” “It was when Jocelyn got into trouble. She accidentally fell into a drain when she tried to look for Jocelyn with Olivia.”

Casually, Sasha picked up her phone and showed Sebastian the picture Janice had sent her.

It did seem like she had a bad fall.

However, Sasha noticed that the man had no reaction when he scanned the photo, and somehow he gave off a cold vibe, “Sebby?”

Finally, Sebastian spoke. “Let me handle this. You don’t have to contact Mark. I will contact Grandpa instead.”

His tone was stable and casual, as though he did not care much about this issue. Despite that, he acted otherwise. He swiftly decided that Sasha could sit back and let him take care of it.

In that moment, Sasha felt warmth in her heart.
The worry she had had dissipated.

“Okay, I shall hand it to you then.” Realizing that it was odd for Sebastian to come, Sasha frowned in confusion. “Sebby, what are you doing here? Are you here for work matters?”

“No, I’m not. I wanted to tell you that I have to go on a business trip in the afternoon and can only be back tomorrow.” Finally, he got to the point.

Putting down the magazine in his hands, he watched the woman smiling while walking over to him. In one swift motion, he pulled her closer and made her sit on his lap.

She had a hundred and eighty degree change in her personality.

In the past, she used to be very reserved and cautious. Even though they were husband and wife, she was still unwilling to open up to him. If he did not take the initiative, they would not share any intimate moments.

However, she would lean closer to him now.

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