Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1086

“Oh? That’s sudden. Where are you headed?”

The sudden move to make her sit on his lap made her blush, but hearing the news, her eyes widened.

It was unexpected.

After they had returned to the company, no matter what Sebastian did in the past half-year, he would let her know in advance.
Yet, he had not mentioned this trip before today.

Furrowing his brows, Sebastian answered, “Yes. It was a last-minute decision today. There is a big business client who requested for me to fly over before they sign the contract.”

His expression clearly showed that he was displeased and unwilling to go.

Sensing that, Sasha tried to assure him. “I see. It’s all right then. Go ahead, and I’ll take care of the children.” “Okay.”

The man nodded.

Half an hour later, he was already on his way out. Little did Sasha know, he did not go to the airport. Instead, he drove out to the suburbs and headed towards a helicopter waiting for him.

“Mr. Hayes, I’ve arranged everything. The seller of the two mines are waiting for you at Smallpoint,” one of his bodyguards reported.

The bodyguard was dressed in a black suit with a golden dragon on his cuffs.

Although he was not young, he seemed familiar if you looked closely at him. It was especially so if you looked at the side view of his pretty face.

He looked almost like Sasha’s cousin, Lance.

Sebastian was satisfied with that information, and he climbed into the helicopter without hesitation.

This time, it was indeed a last-minute decision to go to Smallpoint. Although he had signed the contract previously, his client started to regret it this morning.

He even wanted to buy back their mines three times the amount Hayes Corporation paid.

It was odd.

Sitting comfortably in the helicopter, Sebastian looked through a stack of the seller’s information.
“Do you think they found out who I was?”

“No.” The bodyguard sitting behind Sebastian quickly denied it.

“Mr. Hayes, you have never blown your identity. Whether we deal with them or others, the information we have collected was from the middleman.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes. Today, he will also be waiting at Smallpoint for us. When we reach, we can meet with him.”

As the bodyguard reported, he took out his phone and looked for the messages he had exchanged with the middleman. Then, he showed it to Sebastian.

After glancing at the messages, Sebastian’s gloomy expression softened a little.

Throwing the documents aside, he looked at his watch and calmly ordered, “Let’s not alarm others. Tell the middleman that we would dress up as his employee from his company.

“Yes, Mr. Hayes.” Making a note of Sebastian’s request, he lowered his head to send the middleman a message.
Finally, there was peace in the helicopter.

The bodyguard assumed that Sebastian’s mood would brighten once they were in the air. Much to his dismay, Sebastian ended up asking coldly, “What is happening with Karl?”

“Mr. Frost?”

It took the bodyguard aback. “I think there hasn’t been any news thus far. As for the scalpel, it is very rare, so there had been zero leads despite offering so much money. I guess someone thought through this and blocked all this information on the black market.

Is he that good?

Sebastian snarled, “It looks like he is a smart person. Get him to retract the five million bounty.” “Huh? R-Retract it?”

“Yes. Tell him that Janice had a bad fall and make him take the five million to Oceanic Estate. If he finds out how she tripped, the money would be his.”

Like a monster, Sebastian said such things while in the air.
Janice? Doesn’t Old Mr. Jadeson adore her? Even Mrs. Hayes is close to her? Why is he turning against her now? The bodyguard was beyond speechless.

However, since it was Sebastian’s orders, the bodyguard still obeyed them. Then, he tried to contact Karl, who was in Jadeborough.

“Mr. Frost.”

“Xayden? Oh, why are you calling?”

When the call connected, Karl immediately screamed like a chicken when he heard the bodyguard’s voice.
Within seconds, Xayden’s face turned red.

Glancing at the man before him, he complained, “Get serious. Mr. Hayes has a task for you.”

“Oh? Okay, please tell me about it. We shall contact privately again.” Karl toned down.

Pursing his lips, Xayden relayed the message, “Mr. Hayes wants to retract the five million and ask you to investigate Janice.”

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