Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1088

Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover chapter 1088

He was also a replacement for Lance, and he was sent to accompany Sasha at times.

After getting changed, they followed the middleman to meet with the seller. It was already evening time.

“Mr. Hayes, they are over there.”

The man pointed to a house a distance away.

Against the vast land filled with yellow sand, the red bricks appeared to be a stark contrast. Sebastian narrowed his eyes.
This place used to be a barren land.

Because of its climate, there was only rubble and gravel everywhere, with hardly any plant in sight. However, what he saw was a luxurious-looking house in front of him.

What was that supposed to mean?

“Mr. Hayes, they are two of the wealthiest men here. Over these few years, ever since the mine began operations, they managed to profit quite a lot from it.”

As though sensing the questions bugging Sebastian, the middleman explained.
Instead of replying, Sebastian only let out a chuckle.

Of course, he knew that the mines were profitable. Otherwise, he would not be looking at them. His main goal here was to find out who had the guts to take away the Jadesons’’ cash cow.

Sebastian entered the house with Xayden.

Unexpectedly, they could not help but gasp at the extravagant place they saw when they went in.

They have seen many houses owned by the rich. However, this place was something else. It was a grand sight that even managed te shock Sebastian.

“Myles? I’m here! Where are you?” The middleman stepped in with them and immediately hollered.

After a while, someone emerged from the inside.

“You are here? Okay, here is the money. I will like to nullify the contract.”

A man in his forties appeared. He looked fierce, and once he spatted them, he did not hesitate to take out a wade of cash.
Alarmed, the middleman stammered, “N-not! I have yet to agree.”

“Your decision is irrelevant. I don’t want to sell them now. You should take the money and just go away. Otherwise, if you do it any later, you might not get a single cent.”

It was a bizarre situation.
The seller ended up threatening the middleman.
Never faced with such situations, the middleman froze. He did not know how to respond.

Seeing that happen, Sebastian stepped forward instead. “Isn’t this against the law? We have signed the contract, and if you want to break it, you should act in accordance with the law.”

This time Myles was surprised.
He probably only took notice of the two strangers in his house now.
“Who are you?”

Although the two were dressed in their local clothing, they were handsome. Sebastian also gave off an elegant and wealthy aura. Myles looked at the young man warily.

The middleman quickly jumped in. “This is a lawyer from my company. Today, I brought him here to settle this matter.” “Lawyer?” As soon as Myles heard that, he relaxed.

“Great! It’s even better we have a lawyer. If I breach the contract, I only have to make compensation. Since I’m offering three times the amount, what more do you want?”

The seller did not seem intimidated at all, and that irked Sebastian.

Before he could reply, he heard a car honking outside. Turning around, he saw a large truck that was heading towards them.
“Okay, take the money and go. I am busy and have no time for you.”

Myles spotted the vehicle too.

Moments later, he ordered his men to bring out several briefcases for Sebastian and the rest, and he hurriedly chased them away.

It seemed as though he was anxious.

What are these people up to secretly?

Without hurry, Sebastian made his way to the door and looked at the truck that came.

“As far as I know, we Can only mine the metals for use in the country, and only the Jadesons from Jadeborough have the rights to do it. After mining, we should transport them to the smelting plant. Where is that truck filled with ore going?”

He pointed at the truck piled with ore at the back.
Instantly, Myles’s expression changed.

“How is that any of your business? Stick your nose out of my business, and take your money and scram! Otherwise, I can’t ensure that you can walk out of here alive,” he hissed.

I can’t believe he said that! The middleman’s face turned pale.
Xayden, standing behind him immediately reached for his pocket.

On the other hand, Sebastian smirked in amusement when he heard the threat. “Isn’t that for your own benefit? We are not far from the borders, so I guess that you are transporting them there. Are you planning to make a deal with the arms.

Looking down at the man, he continued, “Well, the military is the largest user of the metals from the two mines. Therefore, your purpose is not to hold onto the mines but to continue cooperating with the arms dealer. When the Jadesons become the owners of the mines, and you expose the dealings, there is nothing but a death sentence for us. Am I right?”

Pausing, he then made his point. “Oh, maybe I should phrase it in another way. Everything was set up by your master, who wanted to put everything on the Jadesons.”

After that last line, the man seemed terrified.
Sebastian spoke calmly. While he analyzed the situation, he did not appear affected.

However, while glaring at Myles with lasers shooting from his eyes, he could feel the storm coming. Myles felt as though he was suffocating.

Soon, his face turned pale.

After what felt like an eternity, he heard himself ask, “W-who are you? How do you know all these?” He was sweating all over.

With a smile, Sebastian stated, “I’m Yariel, Jonathan’s grandson.

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